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Academic Events

A Glance at the Graduation Exhibition 2020 of School of Fine Arts:Session I-Chinese Painting Department
















































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Foreword from the Director of Department

2020 is a sweet year that sounds like a homonym, but it is a special year. The new crown epidemic has not completely subsided, and time has taken you a little bit to the end of this education. There are no flowers and applause, no grand offline graduation exhibition, no graduation ceremony, and maybe no graduation photo. This is your graduation season. From this perspective, you are unfortunate. But I am proud of you. During the period when graduation thesis and creation were the most critical, more of you who could not go to school completed the thesis and creation successfully with your own efforts, and proved your ability to solve problems independently with your actions. You have experienced the fragility and strength of life, witnessed the power and meaning of unity and cooperation, and felt the strength and warmth of the motherland. You are also a lucky one, because suffering is also a rare wealth. The country is prosperous and the culture is prosperous. After graduation, I believe you will be proud of your Chinese painting profession. Youth is strong then the country is strong. Toward the society, I look forward to your shouldering a cultural responsibility.

Tan Leiming


Selected works

Title: Taihua Mountain

Author: Miao Wenyi

Instuctor: Weng Zhidan

Size: 80cm*80cm

Material: Paper and Ink



Title: Realm of Mountains

Author: Xia Chenglong

Instuctor: Liu She

Size: 180cm*90cm

Material: Paper and Ink


Title: Nature, History,Museum

Author: Liu Ziyan

Instuctor: Zhang Zhengmin

Size: 110cm*170cm

Material: Paper and Ink

To see more works, please use your phone to identify the applet code and enter into the online exhibition.