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Academic Events

A Glance at the Graduation Exhibition 2020 of School of Fine Arts:SessionII-Western Painting Department

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Foreword from the Director of Department

The 2020 is destined to be a different one from the past. The epidemic makes us seriously think about the spiritual connotation of art and its development direction. Art and humanity, art and innovation are issues that our young students always need to pay attention to. After four years of hard study and painstaking research, our students from 2020 painting major have gained more insights in graduation creation and also harvested a lot of gratifying artistic achievements. Throughout the graduation works of the students, the subjects are diverse, the content is rich, the theme is clear, and it is full of the breath of the times. The paintings they exhibited are of different styles, ranging from classic and realistic paintings that focus on sketches and colors, to expressions and abstract works that emphasize individuality and the artist's personal ideas, and comprehensive material paintings that combine multiple materials with oil paintings. Each piece here is not only a display of everyone’s four-year professional study, but also a true expression of their inner feelings. The graduation works of this class will also be presented to the society and parents in the form of online exhibitions. 

Some people say that the world of painting is colorful and dreamy! The world becomes more beautiful because of your portrayal, and the world becomes more magical because of your imagination. In the wet and dry dyeing of the works, the painters tolerate the colors of the whole nature; stroke by stroke, there are endless feelings. If the footprints of a person's growth are connected together is the road of life, then every piece of art is exactly what they think and dream. Although some of the works presented are still slightly immature and inadequate, they are still full of youthful passion and rich artistic imagination. In everyone's works, we can see that a considerable number of students have great enthusiasm and belief for painting, which makes me moved deeply.

Graduate soon, the study of art has no end. In the future, you will encounter many difficulties on the road of art exploration, and there will be more tempering, but I believe that you will learn to persevere in the difficulties and improve in the tempering. I'm looking forward to more mature and better works in the future that will enter into the society, serve the society, and serve the people. I wish you all a happy graduation, a bright future! The future is expected!

Feng Jialiang



Selected works

Title: Makeup

Author: Shen Yiwen

Instuctor: Li Jianmin

Size: 120cm*100cm

Material: oil on canvas


Title: Untitled

Author: Miao Pei

Instuctor: Feng Jialiang

Size: 100cm*120cm

Material: oil on canvas


Title: About the Standard

Author: Ren Jingyu

Instuctor: Bian Shaozhi

Time: 2'18''

Material: Video B&W, Sound

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Title: As a Progress of Death

Author: Zhang Bolin

Instuctor: Wu Weijia

Size: 280cm*200cm

Material: oil on canvas


Title: Lastrous and Dazzling Series 

Author: Zhao Mengru

Instuctor: Li Jianmin

Size: 40cm*50cm, 4 pieces

Material: oil on canvas

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