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Academic Events

About the Uniqueness of Chinese Painting-The 100th Session of Beihong Forum was Successfully Completed

At 18.30 on the evening of October 14, the Beihong Forum organized by the School of Fine Arts was held in Room 501, Yuanmei Building, Xianlin Campus. This lecture was given by Professor Gao Yun, the vice president of the National Chinese Painting Association and the president of Jiangsu Chinese Painting Association. The lecture attracted many teachers and students to listen. And the academic atmosphere on site was excellent.

Gao Yun graduated from Nanjing University of the Arts with a major in Chinese painting in 1982. He is a first-class artist and a member of the CPPCC National Committee. He used to be the president and editor-in-chief of Jiangsu Fine Arts Publishing House, and the curator of Jiangsu Art Museum. He is the current president of Jiangsu Chinese Painting Society, inspector of Jiangsu Provincial Department of Culture, vice chairman of Jiangsu Federation of Literary and Art Circles, and vice chairman of Jiangsu Art Foundation. Vice President of Chinese Painting Society, Council Member of China Artists Association, Deputy Director of Chinese Painting Art Committee of China Artists Association, Council Member of China National Academy of Painting and Vice President of Chinese Painting Academy, Chinese Painting Researcher of China Academy of Art, Visiting Professor of Nanjing Art Institute, and Part-time Job of Nanjing University professor.

The theme of this lecture is "Talking about the uniqueness of Chinese painting-through comparison with Western painting". Through comparison with Western painting, the lecture permit us to  understand further the uniqueness of Chinese painting. It should be noted that the basis for our comparison is classic Chinese painting and Western painting, not the atypical Chinese painting and Western painting in contemporary meaning.

The lecture was conducted from four perspectives. First of all, Professor Gao Yun briefly explained the reason why this lecture focused on the "uniqueness of Chinese painting". That is, the reason why Chinese painting can last for thousands of years is due to its inherent spiritual heritage. From ancient times to the present, only Chinese paintings can truly represent Chinese art. Secondly, Professor Gao analyzed the differences between Chinese painting and Western painting from ten aspects, namely: different viewpoints of observing and expressing things, different means of depicting and shaping objects, different creative pursuits, different aesthetic pursuits, different ways of collecting style, differenct definitions of works, different qualitativeness of the painter, different requirements of the audience, different purpose of the painting, and different material of the painting. Professor Gao explained the specific differences between Chinese and Western typical paintings in a simple way, and encouraged students to discover more differences between the two, so that students have a deeper understanding of Chinese painting.Then, Professor Gao analyzed the different development trajectories of Chinese painting and Western painting. He concluded that the aesthetic taste of contemporary Chinese painting is closer to the aesthetic taste of classicism in Western painting. In the end, Professor Gao talked about the question of where the Chinese painting would go. He insisted that the Chinese painting should innovate in the continuous development. And he put forward ardent hopes to the students.

At the end of the lecture, Professor Gao Yun actively answered questions for the students. In a warm atmosphere, students from different majors and various colleges expressed their opinions. We believe that after this lecture, students should have a deeper understanding of Chinese painting. The lecture ended successfully in a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere.