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Academic Events

Briefing on the Seminar of the Head of the Art Department of the University (Art Education) in 2019-Session1

In order to comprehensively promote the implementation of the key reform tasks of the "Opinions of the General Office of the State Council on Comprehensively Strengthening and Improving School Aesthetic Education", and study the policies, regulations and notification requirements of the Party Central Committee and the State Council on strengthening the construction of aesthetic education, August 17, 2019, by education Entrusted by the Department of Health and Welfare, the "Special Seminar of Art School Faculty (Art Education) of the College of Fine Arts of Nanjing Normal University" was officially opened at the Academy of Fine Arts of Nanjing Normal University. More than 90 college art college leaders and art educators participated in the conference. During the seven-day seminar, they will focus on “National Art Education Philosophy and Spiritual Interpretation” and “College Art Education Management and Curriculum System Construction” and Topics such as "New Trends in Art Education in the Era of the Times".


At 8:30 on the morning of August 17, the special seminar was officially opened in the West Report Hall of the Nanjing Normal University Library. The meeting was attended by Professor Liu Wei, Dean of the Nanjing Normal University Academy of Fine Arts, and Bian Xia, Director of the Academic Affairs Department of Nanjing Normal University. Professor, Associate Dean of the Academy of Fine Arts Feng Jialiang, Vice President Chen Liang, Associate Dean Xue Mo, Professor Bian Xia, Professor Liu Wei and Professor Yin Shaozhen from the Fine Arts College of Capital Normal University delivered speeches.

Among them, Director Bian Xia expressed the hope to enhance the educational leadership and decision-making level of each university through this seminar, and work together to build a high-level university with international influence. Dean Liu Wei believes that there are still many problems in the cultivation of Chinese talents and top-level design. Through this seminar, it is hoped that all the brothers and universities will exchange and discuss the issue of talent cultivation, especially the cultivation of talents for normal students.

Special lectures: Ma Jingyu, "Comparison of Chinese and Western Art Education"

Ma Jingwei, deputy director of the Center for Fine Arts Education of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, gave a special lecture on "Comparative Chinese and Western Art Education", and listed the views of Ron Feide and Eisner on the main characteristics of modern Chinese and Western art education.


Special lectures: Yin Shaochun, "The Art Education Curriculum View under the Background of Core Literacy"

Professor Yin Shaojun from the Fine Arts College of Capital Normal University, from the core of core literacy, core literacy and core literacy of art disciplines, "Ordinary High School Art Curriculum Standards (2017 Edition)", revised Compulsory Education Curriculum Standards, Subjects and Units Five aspects were discussed. Professor Yin believes that due to the influence of Dewey's philosophy, the core literacy of the 21st century tends to cultivate the ability to solve life problems. Combined with the core framework of the development of core literacy of students in China, core literacy is to find problems and ask questions in real situations. The ability to use and mobilize mental and social resources to solve problems. Compared with the "Ordinary High School Art Curriculum Standards (2017 Edition)" highlights the curriculum structure of China's excellent traditional culture, "interdisciplinary" is more specific than "integrated" for the revised compulsory education curriculum standards. Professor Yin said that excellent art courses should reflect core literacy, curriculum characteristics, scientific attitude and spirit, national conditions, Chinese people's way of thinking and behavior, and cultural self-confidence. Finally, Mr. Yin also talked about the theme and unit of the curriculum organization, college art teacher's coping strategies can be considered from the project teaching and task-driven teaching and general courses (especially philosophy, sociology, cultural anthropology).

In the interactive session, Professor Yin answered the concept of “art and visual culture” from the five aspects of Chinese cultural characteristics and the extension of art connotation, and explained the universality of the word “art”. For the relationship between the college entrance examination and the curriculum standard proposed by Jin Bo, the dean of the Art School of Hubei Second Normal University, Mr. Yin explained the development trend of the curriculum and proposed the “fuzzy” for Chen Xianzhang, the dean of the Longyan College of Teacher Education in Fujian. The concept of basic education, Professor Yin believes that from the perspective of disciplinary development, relevant issues will be gradually implemented and improved with the advancement of art education.