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Academic Events

Briefing on the Summer School of "Digital Development of Chinese Excellent Traditional Culture and Art Curriculum Resources"-Closing Ceremony

On August 20th, 2020 Jiangsu Province graduate student "Digital Development of Chinese Excellent Traditional Culture and Art Curriculum Resources" completed the "first phase" task, and the closing ceremony was successfully held.

Professor Li Yinan, doctoral supervisor of the School of Art, Southeast University, made a guiding speech on behalf of the Jiangsu Provincial Art Graduate Education Steering Committee. More than 20 leaders and experts including Professor Yin Shaochun of Capital Normal University,  Director Peng Yong of Hunan Fine Arts Publishing House, Deputy Dean Xue Mo of School of Fine Arts at Nanjing Normal University, Associate Professor Yu Yang of Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications, and Associate Professor Qin Hua of Nanjing Normal University attended the conclusion Class ceremony.

Professor Yin Shaochun pointed out that this activity fully reflects the establishment of Chinese cultural self-confidence and has the leading significance of postgraduate teaching and the value of education brand. Professor Li Yinan believed that the successful holding of this summer school will help improve the quality of graduate education and form a well-known summer school brand in Jiangsu Province and even the country. In these days, 100 students from different majors from 30 colleges and universities across the country gathered together to complete group and individual learning tasks on the "Digital Development of Chinese Excellent Traditional Culture and Art Curriculum Resources" through project promotion, forming High-quality art digital course resources, and plan to combine with the second phase of training, and jointly launch excellent course cases with Hunan Art Publishing House.


Tutors' Messages

Yin Shaochun: 

This event is very creative, leading and driving. I hope that more and more colleges and universities can sum up their experience and continue the "Traditional Culture and Art Resource Course" in various forms. Contemporary graduate students should also be at the forefront of academics, driving the development of graduate education and the development of undergraduate and basic art education. Art is one of the most important carriers of human culture. It conveys the overall human culture. Therefore, in the face of a rich culture, especially what cultural educators with understanding should do, this is the question that we should think about most, and it is also a question that should be put into action.

Li Yinan:

In the scorching summer of August, organize such a valuable summer study of the digital development of excellent Chinese traditional culture and art course resources, as well as expert lectures, course practice, digital course development and recording,it can be described as a lively form and unique content. It is refreshing. Only by always focusing on improving the quality of graduate education, continuously deepening reform and innovation, improving the governance system, enhancing governance capabilities, and promoting connotation development, can we truly build a world-class graduate education powerhouse with Chinese characteristics. I wish the School of Fine Arts of Nanjing Normal University can continue the learning style of the summer school, develop once a year, and build a well-known summer school brand in Jiangsu Province and even the whole country.

Peng Yong:

This event is an academic attempt with extraordinary significance and value. It is also forward-looking, exploratory and practical. The way of presenting the excellent Chinese traditional culture with digital resources has comprehensively promoted the research of domestic art education in the new era in depth and breadth. Hunan Fine Arts Publishing House will, as always, invest in the construction of fine arts education, and cooperate with experts, scholars and students to sow the seeds of beauty in the motherland!

Xue Mo:

This training event was very successful. The follow-up specific micro-class recording and other work may continue for another week. Special thanks to all the teachers and students for their long-term cooperation with the art team of Nanjing Normal University. The tacit understanding of cooperation is reflected in the encouragement of the teachers to the students and the trust of the students to the teachers.

Yu Yang:

Facing this era, we must further think about the past, present and future of education. Fortunately, our experts, leaders, and teachers have realized this and used their wisdom to deal with the challenges of art education in the development. The highlight of this training is a strong team of experts, well-designed training content, careful teaching feedback and training briefings Therefore, I would like to thank the organizer of this project, lecture experts and students who have studied hard. I hope this training will leave you with good memories.

Du Lijiao:

I am very happy to see 61 postgraduates from 10 universities in Jiangsu trying to innovate based on the traditional cultural characteristics of Jiangsu. I am also happy to see 39 postgraduates from 20 universities outside Jiangsu Province spreading across the country, trying to explore how to accomplish the development of "Chinese excellent traditional culture and fine arts curriculum resources" and the construction of digital resources. Today's completion of the course does not mean the end of learning. Our learning community has always existed, and the friendship we forged in joint learning will always be there. We want Keep in mind the responsibility of educating people with aesthetics and culture, and demand yourself with high standards.


Students' Testimonials

Dong Hui (East China Normal University):

Through the learning in the course, we understand that teachers should have the concept of lifelong learning and continuous innovation like Teacher Qian; have deep cultural theoretical accumulation like Teacher Yin; have the research spirit like Teacher Qin and Teacher Xu; like Teacher Shen Lan teaching as art; let students love what is in class like Teacher Yu Yang...

As the monitor of Class B, while working efficiently, I also do a good job of learning projects for my team. Our project was hollow from the beginning, then gradually refined and finally took its shape. The large course capacity has allowed us to continue to grow. Project-based and unit-based learning can truly bring knowledge to life.

Thank you predecessors for giving us the opportunity to continue to learn! Thank you for the teachers and students in the briefing group who have worked hard for this training! Thans for this encounter!

Yu Shuai (Dalian University):

First of all, I would like to thank the School of Fine Arts of Nanjing Normal University for the summer school learning activities; thank everyone in the study, especially the professors, experts, and scholars who impart our knowledge. Secondly, I feel reluctant that sitting in front of the computer screen, we listened to the teacher's lectures, and crazy writing notes; that in the middle of the night, everyone in the WeChat group discussed and exchanged intense scenes; that teachers have shared the teaching experience; that we have friendship between teachers and students, and between classmates.

Liu Zhongliang (Capital Normal University):

I speak on behalf of class A students. Under the guidance and teaching of experts and teachers, we have a deeper understanding and thinking about art education. The keyword "keep the right path and innovate" put forward by Mr. Qian shows that inheritance and reproduction are the basic means, and innovation and transformation are the soul and essence. Teacher Yin’s explanation made me more clarify the state of art education in the era of core literacy. Teachers Xu, Yu and Qin's explanations on the content and format of the micro-classes filled my shortcomings in art education in the digital field. All teachers repeatedly gave us guidance, revised courseware, and put forward constructive opinions. For that, I would like to say thank you! This tireless spirit of "preaching, teaching, and solving puzzles" is a model for our future educators!

Wang Yating (Nanjing Normal University):

Thanks to the teaching committee and my university for this learning opportunity! Thanks to 18 teachers for their meticulous preparation and in-depth and simple guidance, as well as the detailed explanation of basic concepts and the presentation of more than 40 practical teaching cases, guiding us to think about the wisdom of traditional culture and the infinite possibilities of developing art curriculum resources. The pace of learning cannot be paused after the course ends.

Yu Yifei (Suzhou University):

This opportunity was not easy to come by. Although the course schedule is very tight and the spare time is not much, but in the wonderful lectures of each expert, we have obtained far more information than in school. There are not only cutting-edge scientific research results, but also clear research directions. The in-depth lectures have improved our literacy and ability in image recognition, art performance, aesthetic judgment, creative practice and cultural understanding.

Wang Jianpeng (Hainan Normal University):

This training is a deepening of the development and learning of art curriculum resources, and it is also a guidance and inspiration for future related learning directions. We have made great progress in resource integration, teaching plan writing, courseware production, and micro-class recording, and we have clarified the requirements and trends of curriculum resource development in the context of the big data era.

Inheritance goes on, education goes on. The road is long and long, and I will search up and down. Our exploration of art education has just begun. Next year, will you also have a summer vacation with us?