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Academic Events

Exhibition: 12 Zodiac Workshop Design Course

In order to further promote international academic exchanges and further strengthen the cultivation of comprehensive talents, the Department of Visual Communication Design of the School of Fine Arts of Nanjing Normal University invited the professor of Louisiana State University and the senior visiting of Tsinghua University from June 2nd to June 14th, 2019. Professor Richard B. Doubleday, a two-week teaching workshop for the 12 Zodiac workshops, and a closing exhibition at the Art Museum of our institute on the morning of June 14. Mr. Weng Yixi served as the Chinese instructor of the workshop and assumed translation and design guidance.

At 8 am on June 4, Professor Richard held a meeting with classmates of the 2016 visual communication major. He talked about the work of this workshop and introduced the theoretical knowledge of visual design.

Professor Richard made further details on the 12 Zodiac books to be done in this workshop, such as size and form. 

On June 5th, Professor Richard showed the students how to carry out creative design on the spot. He emphasized the importance of hands creation. He believes that when the hands are designed, there are multiple paths that can be arbitrarily traversed. It is too dependent on the computer design, and it is easy to have a single defect in the design idea.

Under the guidance of Professor Richard, from creative ideas, material selection, book design to specific production, the students strive for excellence every step of the way, and strive to do their best.

After two weeks of study and production, at 8:30 am on June 14th, the 12 Zodiac Workshop was held at the School of Fine Arts as scheduled. Zhu Yi, secretary of the Party Committee of the Academy of Fine Arts, Song Lijun, deputy secretary of the party committee, Feng Jialiang, Chen Liang, and Xue Mo, vice presidents of the Academy of Fine Arts, visited the museum to give their comments. They highly praised the event. The event also highlighted the school's emphasis on the teaching of international workshops.

Professor Richard summed up the design course at the end of the exhibition. He said that although the course time was short, the students used their hard work and the pursuit of excellence to create one piece of excellent work. He hopes that the design methods or skills learned in this workshop can be used by the students. And he was willing to have a friendship with the students of the School of Fine Arts forever.

After the opening ceremony of the exhibition, all the teachers and students took a group photo, and the teaching work of the 12 Zodiac Workshop was a complete success.
This course workshop is a phased achievement of the 2018 Nanjing Normal University Teaching Reform Research Project Interactive Design Course and Teaching Content System Exploration under the "PMD"Type Talent Training Mode.