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Exhibition News|The Will of Art ( Session 4 )


An artist's personal appearance and achievements are the result of his intentional or unintentional pursuit. In the contemporary art world, the struggle between tradition and innovation can be said to be a cliché, with ups and downs alternating. The old and the new have no superiority, but there are differences between the good and the bad, just as a tree has deep roots, and there are also shallow roots. Innovators keep up with the trend and look for new directions from international artistic thoughts. Conservatives continue to pass on history and go deep into traditions, and still stick to the front line. The will of art expressed by the two groups is quite differen. Conflict and collision have become the internal driving force of contemporary art to move forward.

The will of art that we are talking about includes the will of art of the times, the artist's own will of art and the will of art of the artwork, as well as the viewer's will of art. All the "transitions" in the history of art development are the products of the will of art of the times. Giotto's works broke through the mainstream medieval Byzantine art techniques and spiritual expression at that time. It can be said that they violate the will of art of the times. His personal wil of art l has also achieved another new era of will of art. From the 20th century to the present, art has ushered in a new mutation. A future-oriented awakening and courage have become the will of art of the current era and permeates every artist and artwork. The will of the artwork is important, but so is the viewer's will. Everything we see, hear, and feel from works of art is not only the precise expression of the artist, but also the perceptual aesthetic perception of ourselves. Art has no framework and no goal. For the artist, creation is the result of the materialization of ideas, and the work that the viewer sees is the illusion created by the artist after entanglement, struggle, and even painful thinking. The viewer is a spectator. He may resonate and empathize. In the age of education with students as the main body, and today when art enters the daily life of the masses, as an artist or a viewer, you can experience art, criticize art, and create art here.

This exhibition is the fourth session of "The Will of Art" organized by teachers of the School of Fine Arts of Nanjing Normal University. Some elite teachers from the School of Fine Arts are invited to participate. As a whole, the School of Fine Arts has a heated discussion between teachers and students as living individuals. On the one hand, the exhibition showcases the personal artistic charm of artists and teachers, and showcases the School of Fine Arts as the overall unique capital of the contemporary art world; on the other hand, given that art is an industry and an education field, it explores in post-epidemic era, what kind of skills the art needs and what kind of value it could produce in order to survive this challenging time. The spirit and will of art of Nanjing Normal University change with the times, which is the source of evergreen art in this land. The exhibition is at the time when freshmen are entering school, and before the epidemic era is over. In the pure land of the campus, let's accept the temptation of art, rectify the will of art, and set out again for art.



Exhibition Director: Liu She
Chief Curator: Zhang Zhengmin
Curator: Xue Mo, Li Lu, Han Minhao
Coordinator: Zhang Keruo, Zhu Yu
Exhibition organizer: School of Fine Arts, Nanjing Normal University
Exhibition hoster: Art Museum of School of Fine Arts, Nanjing Normal University

Opening ceremony time:
10 a.m., September 24, 2020.
Exhibition time:
September 24, 2020-October 25, 2020
Art Museum of School of Fine Arts, Nanjing Normal University, No. 1 Wenyuan Road, Nanjing

Participating artists (in order of strokes of last name):

Bian Shaozhi, Cao Yang, Chang Hanping, Chen Liang, Dong Doudou, Du Zhuo, Feng Jialiang, Feng Wei, Guo Zhifeng, Kong Xiaofeng, Liu She, Li Jianmin, Lin Yipeng, Liang Peixian, Li Sufang, Lu Yong, Ma Jun, Shang Hua, Shenyang , Tan Leiming, Tu Rongrong, Wang Chao, Wang Wei, Weng Zhidan, Wu Xiaoping, Wu Sijun, Xue Liang, Xun Wu, Yi Chunhui, Yu Jian, Zhao Liang, Zhao Nan, Zhang Zhengmin, Zheng Kaijia, Zheng Jiamin, Zhu Jianhua.