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Academic Events

“Image" from the Heart: Calligraphy and Painting Art Exchange Exhibition(I)


The "Image from the Heart: Calligraphy and Painting Art Exchange Exhibition" jointly organized by the School of Fine Arts of Nanjing Normal University in conjunction with the Art School of Nanjing University, the School of Fine Arts of Nanjing University of the Arts, the School of Art of Southeast University and the School of Art and Design of Nanjing Forestry University is officially launched! The purpose of this event is to promote the exchanges between students from the five colleges of art and art, stimulate creative enthusiasm, improve the overall quality of art, and use the language of art to convey the aesthetic feelings between us and feel the visual enjoyment that art brings us.

The online exhibition is divided into five participating groups, including crafts, art, design, photography and calligraphy. (Due to space limitations, this online exhibition only displays some of the award-winning works of each school.) "Image" is born from the heart, and is not limited to traditional creative methods. It is a different interpretation and respect for contemporary art. Students from different majors have used the diversity of art forms to show their personal thinking about art creation, and they have more independent thinking ability about art creation while emphasizing professionalism.

Part I Crafts

First Prize: Liu Quan, Empty, Nanjing University.

Sencond Prize: Jing Yan, Trace, Nanjing Normal University.

Second Prize: Ren Ge, Figurative Sculpture, Nanjing Normal University.

Third Prize: Zhu Huihui, Floating like a dream, Nanjing Normal University.

Third Prize: Zhu Huihui, Imprison, Nanjing Normal University.


Part II Fine Arts-Chinese Painting

First Prize: Du Yuxin, Floating, Nanjing Normal University.

First Prize: Jiang Nan, Peep, Nanjing Normal University.

First Prize: Ma Wenzhen, Pine Peak, Southeast Univerisity.

First Prize: Li Yuxiao, Gaze,Nanjing University.

First Prize: Xu Jiayuan, Hills and Valleys, Nanjing University of Arts.

First Prize: Zhong Liang, Faint Mountains Contain Cold Water, Nanjing University of Arts.

Second Prize: Yin Yue, Short Flight, Nanjing University.

Second Prize: Yin Yue, Healing, Nanjing University.

Second Prize: Huang Huina, Three of Us, Nanjing Normal University.

Second Prize: Xu Lumei, Color of Sunny after Rain Floats upon the Opening Lotus Flower, Nanjing Normal University.

Second Prize: Zhuang Hujingjing, After the Rain, Nanjing University of Arts.

Second Prize: Wan Yiwen, Oxidation, Nanjing Normal University.