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Interviews on the Seminar of the Head of the Art Department of the University (Art Education) in 2019-Session 4

Many teachers believe that the teaching results of Nanshi Masters are remarkable, the content of the report is grounded, and can be implemented. The curriculum design reflects the age consciousness of the development of art education, and the "Primary and Secondary Schools Workshop" and the management of the curriculum system and Qin teacher More specific in-depth exchanges. Everyone expressed deep recognition for the humanity of Xu Jun's curriculum and expressed his admiration for Xu Jun's professionalism and professionalism.


Interviewee: Li Xiao'an, Dean, Academy of Fine Arts, Shanxi Normal University
Interviewer: Xuan Liren, Song Wenwen

Dean Li Xiao'an said that he was deeply touched by Xu Jun’s observation course. The teaching attitude, teaching preparation and teaching effects reflected by Xu Jun’s teaching process are enough to prove that a good course requires teachers to spend a lot of time. With the energy to prepare, just as Xu Jun’s rigorous attitude towards teaching aids is something that every teacher should learn and emulate. Teachers should always maintain the thinking and innovation of the teaching model, learn to "touch the analogy", integrate knowledge, and rationally migrate and optimize teaching.


Interviewee: Hu Shaozong, Dean of the Academy of Fine Arts, Huanggang Normal University
Interviewer: Cai Wei, Xie Yixuan

Dean Hu said that the lectures in recent days have inspired him a lot. Huanggang Teachers College has been paying attention to, thinking about and practicing such topics for decades. Xu Jun’s full pre-class preparation and professional teaching reflect a comprehensive art education. The colleges and universities will also have specific actions in the teaching methods and the construction of the teaching staff in combination with the experience and actual conditions of the Nanjing Normal University. In view of the current scale of China's higher art education and the actual needs of students' future development, Dean Hu proposed that the current art education should actually be put into the perspective of "people's livelihood engineering" and should be a national quality education. Contemporary art education should be More attention is paid to the formation of students as core literacy of citizens.

In addition, Dean Hu emphasized the importance of reading and communication in the cultivation of students' comprehensive quality. Through reading and training students' logical thinking and expression ability, they can effectively convey the emotions and ideas of art works, and at the same time become a very capable person. A mature person who is well adapted to social development.


Interviewee: Liu Jian, Executive Editor, Academy of Fine Arts, Guizhou University
Interviewer: Hao Yue, Du Lijiao

Editor-in-Chief Liu Jian was impressed by the observation class this afternoon. Because this is related to his experience of graduating from a middle school, he also worked as an art teacher in primary school. Liu Jian editor-in-chief reviewed the art open class of Mr. Xu Jun in the afternoon. From various aspects, he saw the professionalism of Xu Jun’s education, such as the introduction process, the teacher-student interaction, the commentary, and the training of students’ divergent thinking. The most exciting point of Xu Jun’s class is that the teaching aids (books) are over, and the history of Chinese bookbinding has been explained. It is based on the history of art and supports the teaching of classroom themes. Although it took only one hour, the amount of information was enormous. Finally, Editor-in-Chief Liu Jian expressed his sincere gratitude to Nanjing Normal University for adding observations to the training schedule. This has enabled today's educators to see that the cultivation of students in contemporary universities pays attention to the combination of theory and practice, and makes the core quality.


Seminar Time: 

After dinner, 25 college teachers from all over the country gathered together, under the auspices of Vice President Xue Mo, in turn, with a wonderful self-introduction, all-round display of the academic characteristics of their respective institutions and the local cultural background of the colleges and universities. The opening atmosphere was ignited. Guo Yongyu, the head of the art department of the Art Branch of Xinjiang Ili Normal University, introduced deeply: "The Nanshi Academy of Fine Arts and the Yili Normal University Art Branch are counterpart cooperation schools, and have extensive exchanges with the South Normal University..., not to Yili, not Knowing how beautiful Xinjiang is, not in Kashgar, it is not considered to be in Xinjiang...", and all teachers are welcome to the school exchange; the vice president of the School of Media, Shandong Academy of Art, the 76th generation of Confucius from Shandong, introduced humor The way also attracted the laughter of the teachers.

Later, Professor Wang Lu from the Art Department of Suzhou University Art College shared and discussed the experience of the teacher certification of the Academy of Fine Arts of Suzhou University. The development of training objectives should not only fully mobilize the school's information (for example, each photo requires a photo file), contact the society to track feedback, and enrich the data (for example, the file needs a uniform format version). Finally, Vice President Feng Jialiang believes that teacher certification requires teachers to carry out division of labor and cooperation, which is a necessary step for the construction of teachers.

The seminar was successfully concluded. The participating teachers expressed their appreciation and high recognition to the meticulous work of Gu Yuanyuan, Xiong Linbo and the graduate team of the conference group. We will continue to do the conference work for the participating experts, and the seminar will be more exciting tomorrow!