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Academic Events

Interviews on the Seminar of the Head of the Art Department of the University (Art Education) in 2019-Session 5

Interviewee: Zhang Hongsong, Associate Dean, School of Fine Arts, Harbin Normal University
Interviewer: Cai Wei, Xie Yixuan

Teacher Zhang said that he participated in the seminar and brought material and spiritual gains to himself. The seminar gave me the experience of transforming the subject and object of “teachers and students”, which promoted the teaching work from the perspective of students, and proposed “taking students as their children” in the training and daily teaching of students. . He said that in the teaching, it is necessary to clarify the orientation of the art professional teachers. In the process of class and writing teaching materials, the information should be conveyed and transferred to the students as teachers. At the same time, he puts forward the viewpoint that “the school has no high and low, art has no boundaries”. In the traditional and innovative point of view, Mr. Zhang believes that the old and the new are mutually integrated, and the essence of the tradition should be injected into the so-called fashion.


Interviewee: Huang Xiaoping, Head of the Academy of Fine Arts, Chongqing Second Normal University
Interviewer: Li Sha, Li Qin

Professor Huang Xiaoping admires Professor Cao's research on Chinese traditional culture and Western educational concepts. For the current situation that colleges and universities will weaken the basic art training in the design discipline and emphasize the subject curriculum one-sidedly, Professor Huang believes that art is a kind of culture. The profound cultural foundation and excellent artistic perception ability are important foundations for making good art. College art teachers are artists and educators who need to think deeply about how to educate people through art. Therefore, teachers need to have a high degree of theoretical cultivation, but also to cultivate students' artistic accomplishment by experiencing art and improving their artistic realm.


Interviewee: Xing Bochuan, Vice Dean of the School of Fine Arts, Jidong University
Interviewer: Hao Yue Du Lijiao

As the head of the National Institute of Fine Arts, which is located in a remote area with a low degree of concern from the government, the head of the Academy of Fine Arts of Jidong College, Xing Dean said that he participated in the seminar of the head of the National Art Institute organized by the Nanjing Normal University. Shallow. Improve their thinking ability, and open up exchanges and resource sharing channels between institutions. Although there are many problems in the current education in the colleges and universities, facing the pressures of the various tasks that need to be solved in colleges and universities, I have added confidence through this study and exchange, and have great motivation in the aesthetic education of colleges and universities. In the development of colleges and universities, we have done our best to achieve new achievements in the work of the Academy of Fine Arts. Finally, I would like to thank the teachers and graduate students of Nanjing Normal University for their warm and thoughtful work attitude in the past week. I hope that this kind of national study exchange will be more beneficial.