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Academic Events

Li Xiao's Discussion on Calligraphy Creation of "National Exhibition" -- The 111th Session of Beihong Forum was Successfully Completed.

At 15:00, November 27, 2020, the Beihong Forum was held in room 501, Yuanmei Building, Xianlin Campus. The lecture was given by Li Xiao, president of Jiangsu Calligrapher's Institute and vice chairman of Jiangsu Calligrapher's Association. The lecture attracted many teachers and students to listen to it. And the academic atmosphere on the spot was extremely warm.

About the speaker:

Li Xiao is currently president of Jiangsu Calligrapher's Institute, vice chairman of Jiangsu Calligrapher's Association, director of Chinese Calligrapher's Association, secretary general of regular script Committee, and member of review committee of Chinese Calligrapher's Association. The first batch of Zijin Culture and Art Talents in Jiangsu Province, the young and middle-aged experts with outstanding contributions in Jiangsu Province, the young and middle-aged artists of Virtue and Art in Jiangsu Province, the "Five groups" of talents in the publicity and cultural system in Jiangsu Province, the academic leader of the "333" project in Jiangsu Province. He was awarded "Jiangsu 2018 Top 10 Cultural Figures of Greater China" and national First-class artist. His calligraphic works have won the Lanting Award whichi is the highest award of Chinese calligraphy, the Lin San-prize of the Biennial exhibition of Lin San-tai's calligraphy, the Weng Tonghe calligraphy Award of the Jiangnan Cultural Festival, the excellent Award of the International Chinese Calligraphy and painting Art Exhibition, and the bronze Award of the second Chinese Cursive Exhibition.

Focus on the lecture:

The theme of this lecture is "Calligraphy creation of National Exhibition". First of all, Professor Li briefly introduced the basic situation of the Chinese calligraphy exhibition and analyzed the concept of "inheriting the classics and the ethos of The Times" held by the current Chinese calligraphy Exhibition. Subsequently, Professor Li combined with his rich experience in calligraphy creation, teaching and evaluation, focused on the submission process of the Exhibition, and explained in detail the key points and all kinds of problems that might occur in more than ten steps.

He suggested that students should actively participate in various types of contributions to understand the theme of the creation and the font, size and other basic requirements. The content of creation should be carefully selected to conform to the theme and promote the main ideology, but it should not be too popular or too obscure. After the creation of the selected content, to the content sentence by sentence review, writing should pay attention to the use of the authoritative version. Try to write small drafts, and polish them through repeated practice. It is necessary to timely record the feelings of creation and take photos of the satisfied works for later summary.

At last, Professor Li Xiao communicated with us on the problems of "copying", "drawing" and "style" of calligraphy creation. In the aspect of copying, he thought that we should deepen the study of the ancient methods in the ancient classics, learn the ancient methods and gain the ancient spirit. In the method, he suggested that the method should be a little wider, on the basis of the wide and then deep dig. In terms of style, he believed that the formation of personal style is a gradual process, which can neither "stay the same" nor "change with each passing day".

At the end of the lecture, Professor Li Xiao had an extensive and in-depth exchange and discussion with all the teachers and students present here. After this lecture, the students had a deeper understanding of the calligraphy creation of the National Exhibition. Thus, the lecture came to a successful conclusion in a happy and relaxed atmosphere.