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"My Home Time" Nanjing University Photo Competition

In 2020, a sudden new pneumonia epidemic broke our former joy and excitement and affected everyone's normal life. In this war without smoke, to stay at home has become the most effective way for us to win this epidemic prevention and control battle. Let's contribute our strength! Although a spatial isolation, family feelings stay strong. If you travel around all year round and then stop in the warm harbor, you will find that the scenery or people in your home can be used for framing. With the increasing popularity of photography tools such as smart phones and digital cameras, you might as well try to pick up your mobile phone and camera and leave your "home" in your heart. Therefore, our school plans to carry out this campus photography competition around the theme of "my home time", which aims to enrich the extracurricular life of college students and also gives talented students a chance to show themselves. At the same time, this competition also has the effect of enlivening campus culture and improving students' observation and aesthetic ability.


Competition Theme

Home is the most beautiful and warm harbor for everyone. In addition to the frontline personnel, we at the house are also actively participating in this special battle. We can't move around and we must stay at home everyday. Why not try home photography. You may haven't picked up your camera or mobile phone for a long time. Take it out and practice your hands! Through this competition, you can find that your home is different. The home is a beautiful harbor. Staying at home with a pair of discovering eyes, you will record the beauty you have never realized. Each shutter leaves a beautiful and happy scene of the family, and each image represents an eternal time. This photo competition expects contestants to explain the beautiful moments of "home" through various subjects, different perspectives, and various photographic expressions.


Competition Time

Call phase: March 06, 2020-March 20, 2020
Selection phase: March 21, 2020-March 25, 2020
Show phase: March 26, 2020-April 05, 2020 (online)



Supvisor: Nanjing Normal University Graduate School (Research and Engineering Department)
Excution: School of Fine Arts of Nanjing Normal University



College students of Nanjing Normal University and major universities in Nanjing (including junior college students, undergraduates, masters and doctoral students)


Application Rules

It is required to develop photography creation around the theme of "home time". The entries required to integrate the creator's observation and imagination of the concept of "good time at home", a touching moment, a family portrait with temperature, can form a temperature and infectious video works. In the creative process, keep in mind health first, take good protective measures. Please create at home during epidemic prevention and control, do not go to crowded areas or public places!

1. Professional Group
This type of recruitment is aimed at students who include photography in their majors. The entries can be single or group photos (4-6 photos / group).
"School-" Work Name "-Professional Group-Name-Contact Information"
Violators reject.

2. Non-professional group
This category is open to all college students. The entries can be single or group photos (4-6 photos / group). Non-professional group naming rules are
"School-" Work Name "-Non-Professional Group-Name-Contact Information"
Violators reject.

3. Instructions for submission of professional and non-professional groups
3.1 The group photo works are required to be 4-6 pieces, and the serial number needs to be compiled, and the excess is invalid. Each participant is limited to two sets of works.
3.2 There is no limit to the style of the entries, digital / film, color / black and white.
3.3 Entries must have regular propositions, and violations will be rejected.
3.4 Entries must have descriptive text that can show the creator's creative ideas and true emotions.
3.5 Entries must be made in JPG format.
3.6 If the entry is shortlisted through the preliminary evaluation, after receiving the notice from the organizing committee, the author needs to send TIFF or high-quality JPG format works (suitable for small print and media requirements, the size of a single file is more than 3M). If works are sencondary synthesis, the author should submit original documents and materials. And the naming rules are consistent with the initial submission documents.

4. Mobile phone group
4.1 Mobile phone works should embody rich imagination and creativity, and show the creative spirit of Chinese college students.
4.2 The works are allowed to be moderately modified using the mobile APP, and it is forbidden to submit works photographed by non-mobile devices. If any illegal works are found, they will be immediately invalid.
4.3 Entries must have regular propositions, and violations will be rejected. The file naming format is:
"School-" Work Name "-Mobile Phone Group-Name-Contact Information".
4.4 Each participant is limited to 3 works (only for single frame, exceeding the invalid).


Way of participation

1. Solicitation
From now until March 20, 2020, we will collect works in Nanjing Normal University and other universities and professional colleges in Nanjing.

2. Preliminary review
On March 21, 2020, Nanshan Normal University's master's degree students in photography were invited to serve as judges to select shortlisted works in various categories.

3. Final evaluation
(1) On March 25, an expert jury composed of university teachers was invited to collectively score the selected works.
(2) On April 1, the award results and works were displayed through the public account of "NNU School of Fine Arts Graduates".

4. Exhibition and awards
Affected by the epidemic, the exhibition will be conducted online, and the certificates and prizes will be issued after the official start of the school.


Prize Settings


(1) Professional group: the most potential photographer
1 first prize (Xiaomi photo printer, award of honor certificate)
3 second prizes (Xiaomi Pocket Printer, awarded honorary certificate)
5 third prizes (Xiaomi bracket selfie stick, award of honor certificate)
10 Excellent Awards (Honorary Certificate)

(2) Non-professional group
1 first prize (Xiaomi photo printer, award of honor certificate)
3 second prizes (Xiaomi Pocket Printer, awarded honorary certificate)
5 third prizes (Xiaomi bracket selfie stick, award of honor certificate)
10 Excellent Awards (Honorary Certificate)

(3) Mobile phone group
1 first prize (Xiaomi photo printer, award of honor certificate)
3 second prizes (Xiaomi Pocket Printer, awarded honorary certificate)
5 third prizes (Xiaomi bracket selfie stick, award of honor certificate)
10 Excellent Awards (Honorary Certificate)


Instructions of Participation

1. This photo contest and subsequent exhibitions will exempt participants from any fees.
2. All works must not contain pornographic, violent and other factors, and ideology and political views must not conflict with the laws of the People ’s Republic of China.
3. In the activities related to this exhibition, the organizer has the right to use the selected works by means of copying, distribution, exhibition, screening, information network dissemination, publication, etc. without paying remuneration. For award-winning works, the organizer will request an electronic version of the film-completed film. Those who do not provide it within the time limit will be deemed to have automatically waived the award.
4. Participants sign up and upload their works to the designated mailbox, they agree to authorize the competition organizing committee to use free public welfare (non-commercial) on the event's official website. The winning works can be used for exhibitions, recommendation, and related media publication. Has the copyright of the work.
5. The original data file of the exhibit pictures shall be provided when submitting documentary photographic works for the organizer to use for image identification. Non-providers are deemed to have automatically waived their eligibility for entry and awards.
6. All selected works will be posted on the relevant public account.
7. Contributors should ensure that they have independent, complete, clear and undisputed copyrights to the work, and that the work does not infringe on the legal rights and interests of third parties, including copyright, copyright, portrait rights, reputation rights, privacy rights, etc. In the event of a related dispute, all legal liabilities shall be borne by the contributor; if the organizer is damaged as a result, the contributor shall have the right to pursue the legal liability of the contributor.
8. The personal income tax of the winner's bonus (or prize) is withheld and paid by the organizer.
9. Anyone who submits a manuscript shall be deemed to have agreed to all the requirements for this manuscript. The works that do not meet the requirements of the notice for submission will not be selected; those that have been selected will be cancelled.
10. The organizer reserves the right of final interpretation of this event.

The final interpretation of all the above rules belongs to the organizing committee of this competition.



Address: Academy of Fine Arts, Nanjing Normal University, No. 1 Wenyuan Road, Qixia District, Nanjing
Postcode: 210046
Contact: Xu Hongcheng: 17715243121
Contact: Xu Xintong: 15996390685
Official Weibo: NNU School of Fine Arts
Official WeChat: Graduate School of Fine Arts of Nanjing Normal University


*Poster: Wang Aijia

Chinese manuscript editing:Cui Lulu

Chinese manuscript examing: Xu Hongcheng, Sun Peidong

English copy examing: Jiang Tianliang