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Academic Events

"My Home Time" Nanjing University Photo Competition launched! (I)

Hosted by the Graduate School of Nanjing Normal University (Department of Research and Engineering) and organized by the Nanjing Normal University School of Fine Arts, the online exhibition of "My Home Time" Nanjing University Photo Competition officially opened. The photo competiton was divided into three categories: professional group, non-professional group, and mobile phone group, and more than 160 entries were received. Participants gave full play to their excellent creativity and unique insight, showing the beautiful imprint of "home" through various subjects, different perspectives and various photographic expressions. Behind every piece of work is the profound thinking of the participants, and each participant is using his own unique perspective to record the beautiful memories of "home".


List of winners

Professional Group
Second prize
Works: "Companionship"
Author: Xu Xintong

Introduction to the work:

The sudden epidemic has given me time to study abroad to spend more time with the "elders" to accompany the elders. The white hair with white temples and slightly trembling hands imply that the elders are dying. How I hope the time will be slower. Go home often and see if it is not an empty talk, but our duty.


Professional Group
Third prize
Works: "Mother's Day"
Author: Jiang Hao


Although my mother works at home because of the epidemic, she still does housework every day as usual. Even after the epidemic passed, I think mothers in many families still need to do the same housework. This group of photos was taken to record my mother's busy day.