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Academic Events

Natural and Affectionate, Interesting Design -- Inspiration and Creativity around: the 106th Session of Beihong Forum was Successfully Completed

At 18:30 on November 11, 2020, the Beihong Forum organized by the School of Fine Arts was held in the Concert Hall of Guangyuan Building in Xianlin Campus. This lecture was delivered by Professor Zhu Yingchun, director of the Cultural Research Center of Nanjing Normal University. The lecture attracted many teachers and students to listen to it. The academic atmosphere on site was extremely warm.

The topic of this lecture is "Nature and Affection, Interesting Design: Inspiration and Creativity Around". First of all, Professor Zhu used his own specific book design experience to explain the source of his design inspiration. Through the analysis of the design process with several books, he told the students that inspiration comes from nature, which means that we should lower our posture and squat down to observe nature. 

Professor Zhu uses his own book design works to explain what is meant by "natural and affectionate and interesting in design". Through the analysis of the design concepts of book bindings such as "An Ant", "Snail Slow", "Design Poems", "Insects" and other books, Professor. Zhu explained the source of inspiration. For example, the design of "Beside the Insect", which won the honor of "2014 China Good Book", shows Professor Zhu's care for nature. It is the kindness and purity hidden in the designer's heart. The book tells the world of bugs that we have overlooked. Professor Zhu made a summary of this case, that is, using appropriate language to achieve the ultimate design. This world is small, small enough to be ignored or forgotten by us, but like us, insects also have a thrilling life. In the world of bugs, a puddle is an ocean, a leaf is a parasol, a pebble is an island, and a stone slab on the roadside can become a battlefield with corpses everywhere... interest. They are like a mirror, allowing us to see ourselves and our lives. Finally, Professor Zhu made a summary for this lecture, that is, the inspiration comes from nature, and we need to lower our posture to observe the plants and trees in nature.

At the end of the lecture, the students enthusiastically asked questions, and Professor. Zhu answered questions one by one for the students present. The academic atmosphere was strong. Through this special lecture, everyone has a deeper understanding of the source of design inspiration. So far, this lecture ended successfully in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere.