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Academic Events

Product Design Should Return to its Original Source --the 115th Session of Beihong Forum was Completed Successfully.

On December 24th, 2020 the 115th session of Beihong Forum was held in Room 501, Yuanmei Building, Xianlin Campus, Nanjing Normal University. The lecture was given by Chen Jiang, dean of Industrial Design College of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts. The lecture attracted many teachers and students to listen and learn, and the academic atmosphere was extremely warm.

The theme of this lecture is "Product Design Should Return to its Original Source". First of all, Mr. Chen gave an example of consumers complaining to Taobao customer service about the excessive activated carbon in the air purifier. This explains the gradual shift from the traditional "manufacturing" business to the "problem solving" business. Namely, the homogenization of products is serious, and the competition among enterprises is becoming more and more intense. The product-oriented market is saturated and people are demanding more.

Next, Mr. Chen Jiang told us about the level of innovation and the prediction of technology maturity, that is, the level of innovative design is mainly divided into five levels. Level 1: The solution is obvious. Just apply the knowledge that is familiar in the field. Level 2: Improvement. Knowledge of various aspects of the system related field is required. Level 3: Essential improvement of the existing system (resolution of contradictions). Knowledge outside the system related field is required. Level 4: Use breakthrough concepts and technologies. This is a new generation of ideas based on existing systems that change basic functions and operating principles, requiring knowledge of different scientific fields. Level 5: Discovery. A pioneering invention or scientific discovery of a fundamentally new system.

Finally, taking the new soybean milk machine design as an example, Mr. Chen briefly introduced the experiment bsoybean milk machineen domestic soybean milk machine and Korean brand original juice machine. It was found that the noise of domestic soybean milk machine was very large, the cutting tool in the product rotated at high speed to smash the food, and there was no grinding process. At the same time, the nutritional components of the processed food were seriously lost. So the food tasted bad. Besides, the product was difficult to clean after work. The original juice machine made in Korea works very quietly. The working parts of the product ran at a low speed and can effectively separate slurry and slag. However, its main principle was still only to squeeze and press the food. There was still no milling process, and the slurry content of the separated residue was large. Through the research of soybean milk machine project, Mr. Chen summed up the following points: 1. Define and clarify tasks and standards as much as possible, and do something and do not do something; 2. Sailing in the dark, judging direction in the blur; 3. First version of model and function; 4. Tackle problem by problem in a clear and organized way; 5. Confidence and morale, learn and be good at giving up; 6. The benefits of a difficult research project to the team. In short, innovation is designed for the industry, not for an enterprise. Rooted innovation can respond to development and change at any time.

At the end of the lecture, students were eager to ask questions. Professor Chen gave answers one by one. The academic atmosphere was strong. So far, this lecture was over successfully.