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Spreadtrum | The Will of Art (The Third Time)


The third time of "Will of art” is the annual art exhibition of the School of Fine Arts of Nanjing Normal University. The purpose is to pay tribute to contemporary art, show the latest works and ideas of the college artists, and express the exploration achievements of individual artists. The third exhibition is different from the previous two. In addition to some teachers in the school, it also invited outstanding teachers and artists from many universities across the country to participate in the exchange, to enhance the recognition of art in communication, and to seek art in dialogue. Possibility, of course, the most important thing is to provide support for teaching, let the works speak directly, and realize the mutual promotion of teaching and learning.

 Art is the realization of individual will. The personal accomplishment and appearance of an artist is the result of its intentional and unintentional pursuit. The pursuit of artistic ideals, the exploration of possibilities, and the dissatisfaction with existing paintings constitute a personal artistic will. Maintaining the same artistic face for a long time without change is often considered to be the inertia of the individual's will, or more desperate may be the loss of creativity. Creative geniuses like Picasso are rare, but being an artist with a clear and conscious forward-looking will is both a source of personal art development and an internal drive of art as a history.

Although the linear narrative mode of art history has been questioned, we can at least affirm that there is an inexhaustible innovation in art. Western art in the 20th century proves this and is the most attractive aspect. This trend of constantly breaking through the traditional barriers, breaking through the standards established by art before and breaking the logic of development has become the inner will of art history. Therefore, breaking through tradition and returning to it constitutes a key breakthrough for art, and even retro is reflected in the bones. A forward spirit. The form and sociality of art are the two most important orientations of contemporary art. Whether it is traditional media or new media art, it must be a certain response to the overall social situation and artistic development. We pursue the ontological language of art, but completely detached. The works of contemporary art are inevitably lifeless and have died without birth. However, the contemporary art world has a long history of lack of new ideas. Whether it is individuals or groups, innate nutrition and acquired inertia make artists not dare to face or grasp the problems of contemporary art. Most artists are either stunned. If you don't know what to go, you can use the strange technique to please the world, without the spirit of art, lack the will of art, break away from reality, and become the maker of pseudo-art.

This exhibition invited artists from all over the country and some teachers from the School of Fine Arts to participate in the exhibition. On the one hand, it shows the artistic charm of artists and teachers, and also treats college teachers as a group in response to art history and contemporary issues. The School of Fine Arts has a profound artistic tradition and contains the spirit and will of art to change from time to time. This is the source of art evergreen. At the time of the exhibition, when the new students enter the school, the taste of breathing art, accept the temptation of art, rectify the will of art, and proceed to art.


Exhibition information: 

I. Exhibition theme:

The Will of Art (third time) -- Invitational Exhibition of Chinese Art College Teachers' Works and Annual Exhibition of Teachers' Works of Nanjing Normal University

II. Discussion topic:

Intervention: Art Contemporaryity in College Education

III. Exhibition Director: Liu She
Total curation: Zhang Zhengmin
Curator: Xue Mo
Curator Assistant: Li Lu
Academic host: Xue Mo, Xu Wei
Coordination: Huang Yan Luo Jia Song Yang
Exhibition Host: Academy of Fine Arts, Nanjing Normal University
Exhibition Organizer: Art Museum of Nanjing Normal University

IV. Time: September 10th - September 30th, 2019

V. Opening time: 11 am, September 10, 2019

VI. Location: School of Fine Arts of Nanjing Normal University, No. 1 Wenyuan Road, Nanjing

Artists participating in the exhibition (in the order of surname strokes):
Invited artists:

Wang Kai, Shi Feng, Bai Ming, Liu XIjie, Liu Mingbo, He Hongzhou, Zhang Wei, Hua Jun, Chen Shuxia, Guo Runwen, Gao Shiqiang, Huang Ming, Chang Qing, Cao Kai, Cao Baoquan, Zhang Zhijun.

Artists of Nanjing Normal University: 

Wang Wei, Bian Shaozhi, Liu She, Li Jianmin, Li Sufang, Wu Sijun, Lu Yong, Zhang Zhengmin, Chen Liang, Wu Xiaoping, Lin Yipeng, Feng Jialiang, Weng Zhidan, Sheng Meibing, Shang Hua, Yu Jian, Tan Leiming.