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Academic Events

The 108th Session of Beihong Forum: Proposed to Be in the Painting -- the Landscape View and Painting Pursuit of Jiangnan Gardens in the late Ming Dynasty

Speaker: Gu Kai (Associate Professor, School of Architecture, Southeast University)
Time: 18:30 on November 18, 2020
Location: Room 501, Yuanmei Building, Xianlin Campus, Nanjing Normal University

Content preview:

The appreciation and construction of Jiangnan gardens in the late Ming Dynasty was greatly influenced by the aesthetics of landscape painting, not only in the form of the scenery, but also in the view of the landscape. With rockery construction as the prominent aspect, the garden space experience presents unprecedented new ideas, from which we can have a deeper understanding of the relationship between landscape gardens and landscape paintings.

About the Speaker:

Gu Kai, male, born in 1978, is associate professor of the Department of Landscape Architecture, School of Architecture, Southeast University. His main research direction is the historical theory of landscape architecture and heritage protection. He has published monographs "Research on Jiangnan Gardens in the Ming Dynasty" (2010) and "Jiangnan Private Gardens" (2013).