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Academic Events

The 78th Session of Beihong Forum: Motion Graphics--Exploring the Relationship Between Still and Time-Based Design Elements

Speaker: Richard B. Doubleday(Professor of Graphic Design Department, Louisiana State University College of Art)

Time: 18:30 Mon. 10th June 2019

Location: Room 501, Yuanmei Building, Nanjing Normal University, No.1 Wenyuan Road, Nanjing.


Introduction of the session: 

This session will explore the relationship between static and time-based design elements (such as typography, rhythm, composition, sound, sequence, image production, and dynamic images), explore the impact of motion design on graphic design and typesetting, and explore The relationship between analog and digital formats, and how to use software to create motion graphics, while improving students' design capabilities, complements students' personal aesthetics. Through the study of a series of narrative motion graphics projects, students can experience unique narrative techniques and solutions, which will effectively reflect the modern design aesthetics of sports graphics.


Bio of the speaker:

Richard B. Doubleday is a professor of graphic design at the Louisiana State University School of the Arts. Senior research scholar at Tsinghua University, China. He was a senior lecturer in graphic design at Suffolk University and an associate professor in the Department of Graphic Design at the Boston University School of Fine Arts. He also organized summer graphic design projects and taught graphic design courses at Boston University's London Academic Center.
Richard is an international scholar who has organized studio projects and lectures in the United States, China, Japan, Mexico, and the United Kingdom. In recent years, he has visited Nanjing Art College every year to conduct academic lectures and organize studios. project. His work is published in a variety of journals and publications, including Asia Pacific Design (Sandu Publishing Co., Ltd., 2013), "Star Graphic Designer: Graphic Design Masters" (Lovte Press, Barcelona, ​​2012), Design in one or two colors (Harper Collins, New York, 2011), Poster: 1000 posters from Toulouse-Lautrec to Schmiding (Abrams, New York, 2010) and Contemporary Graphic Design Materials (Harper Collins, New York, 2009).
Richard's articles on design history are published in Baseline, Ideas, A!, Design, Printing, NOVUM, Packaging and Design, Chinese IdN, and Decoration. "Australian Creativity", and created a large number of articles for layout design, book designer and writer Jan Qixi. He is "decoration and initials: the beauty of graphic design from the 17th to the 20th centuries" (PIE Books, Tokyo, 2014), "Filton Graphic Design Archives" (Felton Press, London, 2012), "Metz's Graphic Design History" (John Weili & Sains, Hoboken, 2012) 4th, 5th, 6th edition and special author of "Layout Design: Nakajima Hideki" (Hing Wentang Shinkosha, Tokyo, 2008) . Richard is also a special judge of the "Tokyo Font Director's Club of the Year Award", and a special author of "Tokyo TDC", Volume 20, "International Best Layout Design and Design" (Azul Corporation, Tokyo, 2000).