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Academic Events

The 79th Session of Beihong Forum: Poetry, Painting and Historical Context -- Rereading Qiao Zhongchang's "After the Red Cliffs"

Speaker: Xue Lei (Associate Professor, Oregon State University College of Art)

Time: 18:30 Wed. 11th Sep. 2019

Location: Room 501, Yuanmeilou, Nanjing Normal University, No.1 Wenyuan Road, Nanjing. 



The related images of Su Shi's "Qian Hou Chi Bi Fu" have a long history. Among them, the collection of Nelson-Atkins Art Museum's collection of "Qi Zhongchang's "Hou Chi Bi Fu Juan" is recognized as the earliest example of existence, and in the form of its poetry and painting, it has long been Known as the "literary painting". This study attempts to re-understand the practical significance of picture production in a specific historical context by analyzing the complex relationship between images and literary texts.


Speaker introduction: 

Xue Lei, graduated from Beijing Normal University and Columbia University, is currently an Associate Professor of Asian Art History at the Oregon State University School of Art. His research interests include Chinese painting history, calligraphy history and East Asian art exchange. The new book "The Art of Yi Heming and Chinese Calligraphy" was published by the University of Washington Press.