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Academic Events

Viewing Art Teaching from the Perspective of Educational Psychology

        In order to strengthen the cognition of postgraduates majoring in fine arts of Nanjing Normal University in educational psychology and improve the connection between pedagogy and educational psychology courses, so as to better serve the construction of fine arts courses under the background of core literacy and realize the reform of new curriculum teaching. Professor Ren Qiping, Dean of the Institute of Mental Health, Nanjing XiaoZhuang College, was invited by the School of Fine Arts of Nanjing Normal University to give three series of lectures on "Principles and Applications of Educational Psychology" for postgraduates majoring in fine arts at GuangYue Building, Room A108 in Nanjing Normal University on the afternoon of 15th, 22th, and 29th April, 2019. Each lecture lasted for five hours. Through the study of three lectures on educational psychology, students had a certain understanding of some basic phenomena of educational psychology and related theories of psychological cognitive development stage. With the teacher's abundant cases of educational psychology, students comprehensively and concretely grasped the penetration and application of educational psychology in the actual art teaching process. Through the development of this lecture on educational psychology, students made clear about the important position the psychology has in education, which lays a foundation for art education in the future. Meanwhile, it is of great significance for our college to train professional and comprehensive art teachers.