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Dazhang Lin Lecturer

Research Interests: 
Environmental Art

Journal Articles:
“Chinese elements in the public space in the confusion”(2012)
“Water and stone of classical gardens in the south of the Yangtze River”(2013)
“Expression of private sphere in public space”(2016)
Honors and Awards:
1.The Mid Autumn Festival moon cake gift box packaging design, Shi Wu Xiang moon cake gift box "won the China Nanjing" Song cheers "printing and packaging, advertising creative design competition" Award Finalist.
2:"The paper-cut style interior design" won the Excellence Award 2012 "Nanjing intangible cultural heritage of Jiangsu province business interior design competition.
3:"Dip Jiangnan Longjing West Lake packaging design" won the Nanjing Jiangsu "can be a cup" the first packaging creative design competition "two" award".
4:"City image" in the eighth Jiangsu oil painting exhibition.