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Fuyi Zhu Associate Professor

Research Interests: 
  • Chinese Traditional Architecture and Gardens
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Buddhist Architecture

Research Projects:
1.Fulbright Visiting Research Scholar Program: The History of Landscape Architecture on National Park, at Auburn University, AL,USA, 2013-2014.
2.Degree and Postgraduate Education Society of China: Training Mode on Connection between Master of Fine Arts and Profession, 2013-2015.
3.Abbot’s Grant for Buddhist art, Zhenjiang Buddhist Association, 2010.
4.Provost's Grant for Model Course in Environmental Design, Nanjing Normal University, 2008.
5.Education Department Grant of Jiangsu Province : The Sustainable Development Strategy of New Rural Community Planning Based on Ecological Aesthetics, 2006;
6.High Talent Fund of Nanjing Normal University: Research of Environment Development: The Updating Plan for Suiyuan campus of Nanjing Normal University, 2001.

Journal Articles:)
1.“The Decorative Art of Buddhist Architecture in Ming Dynasty Brick Sculptures of Longchang Monastery”, Traditional Chinese Architecture and Gardens, 2015/9.
2.“The Rational Process: The Research of Planning Outer Environmental Design Course”, Art & Design, 2012/4.
3.“Time Consumption’ Theory to Guide the Commercial Complex: Appreciation of Nanjing Aqua City Building” (with Lei Dai), Modern Urban Research, 2011/5.
4.“The Speciality as a Professional Education in Personal Training for Environmental Design”, Journal of Nanjing Normal University (Social Science Edition), 2010/12.
5.“The New Forms of Inspiration in Rural Communities: Rural Settlements of Nantong Region for Example”, Huazhong Architecture, 2009/5.
6.“The Contemporary Buddhist Architectural Art and Its Tradition”, in Collection of Papers from “Modern China and Its Tradition” the international Sinological Conference, Belgrade, 2009.
7.“The Development Tendency of Contemporary Buddhist Architectural Art”, Jinling Buddhism, Fall 2009.
8.“Adapted to Local Village Conditions, Plan for New Countryside”, Jiangsu Rural Economy, 2008/6.
9.“The Green Buildings in Canada: the Standard; the Organizations; the Technology and the Examples ”(with Nellie Chen), Modern Urban Research, 2006/11.
10.“Significance of Architecture education in Landscape Design”, In Collection of Papers from 8th National Academic Symposium of Architecture and Culture, Beijing: China Architecture & Building Press, 2006.
11.“The Ecological Timberwork: American Southern Pine Timberwork System & Its Exertion in Landscape Design”, New Architecture, 2005/5.
12.“The Significance of Architecture in Environment Design Education”, Art & Design, 2004/11.
13.“The Plan Image of NNU Campus Historic Architecture Group”, New Architecture, 2004/6.
14.“New Idea of Architecture and Environment: Constructing the Landscape Architecture with Ecologic Grads”, Huazhong Architecture, 2004/6.
15.“Pondering of City Image Changing after Qinhuai River Project”, Modern Urban Research, 2003/10.
16.“The Ecological Base Point: Climatic Architecture”, New Architecture, 2000/3.
17.“The Custom Left by a Preceding Port”, Journal of Tujia Minority, 2000/1.
18.“The Stilt House: The Times Thinking Of Traditional Ecological Architecture”, Huazhong Architecture, 1999/3.
19.“Bai Minority House in Dali between Cangshan Mountain and Erhai Lake”, Chinese National Geography, 1999/4.
20.“A Design of the Housing under Special Condition”, New Architecture, 1997/2.
21.“Dong Minority Architecture and Water”, Huazhong Architecture, 1996/1.

1.The chorography of Longchang Monastery (publication forthcoming),2017;
2.The Evaluation Criterion of Canadian Green Architecture/Representative Example of Canadian Green Architecture, Chapters  in Green Building Technology, Weiju Yang, Editor, Beijing: China Architecture & Building Press, 2011.
3.Regionalism and Science of Ecological Architecture, Chapter in Architecture of Ecology, Xianjue Liu, Editor, Beijing: China Architecture & Building Press, 2009.

Honors and Awards:
1.Award of 2013-2014“Outstanding Teacher”, by Nanjing Normal University, 2015;
2.Award of “Able Woman”, by Nanjing Normal University, 2012;
3.Award of Educational Achievement, by Nanjing Normal University, 2012;
4.Award for faculty adviser in Competition of Environment Design of China, by Chinese Architectural Society and China institute of architects, 2011;
5.The Prize of Excellent Guidance Teacher in the “Jin Pu Cup” city landscape art design competition of JIANGSU, by Landscape Architecture Association of Jiangsu Province, 2011;
6." Research & Creation Award" of Li Laide Scholarship, by Nanjing Normal University,2011;
7.“Lecture Award” in the fifth teaching competition among young teachers in Nanjing Normal University, 2005;
8.The honorary title “Outstanding Young Backbone Teacher” in Blue Project of Nanjing Normal University, 2004;
9." Research & Creation Award" of Xu Beihong Scholarship, Nanjing Normal University,2003;

Academic Title:
1.Deputy Director, Buddhist Art Research Institution, School of Fine Arts, Nanjing Normal University, Nanjing, 2011 -2012.
2.Partner, Nanjing Grand Environmental Design Ltd. Co. Landscape Design & Architecture, 2001 -2012.