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Hanping Chang Associate Professor

Academic Area: 
Research Interests: 
  • History of Calligraphy
  • Aesthetic of Calligraphy

Study Experiences:

-BA in Anhui Normal University;

-MA in Nanjing Normal Univeristy;

Disciple of Calligraphers Cao Baolin and Wei Tianchi.



Member of Chinese Calligraphers Association, Member of Chinese Standard Cursive Script Academic Society, Member of the Executive Council of Jiangsu Calligraphers Association,  Managing Director of Jiangsu Educative Calligraphers Association, Vice Secretary-general of Calligraphers Association of Jiangsu Government, Vice President of Nanjing Calligraphers Association, Member of the Executive Council of Nanjing Seal Society, Director of Department of Calligraphy in the School of Fine Art in Nanjing Normal Univeristy. 


Honors and Awards:

-Art works financed by Jiangsu Art Foundation in 2016;

-"Excellent Teachers" in Nanjing Normal Univeristy;

-“Excellent Young Core Teachers"  in Nanjing Normal Univeristy;

-"Double Excellencs for Young Teachers"  in Nanjing Normal Univeristy;

-Prize of Pedagogy of "Xu Beihong Prize"

-2nd Prize in Undergraduate Group of the Contest of Mini Couses in Institution of Higher Learning in Jiangsu Province.