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Yang Cao Associate Professor

Academic Area: 
Research Interests: 
  • 3D Animation
  • Computer Art

Education Background:

2013-2014, Vistor-researcher in National Centre for Computer Animation in UK, financed China Scholarship Foundation;

2003-2004 MA, Sheridan College Computer Animation Program;

1994-1998 BA, School of Fine Arts in Nanjing Normal University.


Research Projects

2014-2017 "Computer Animation Creation" in Program of "Construction of High Quality English Courses" in Jiangsu Pronvicne

2013-2014  "Animation of the Crush between High Speed Trains" in NCCA of UK;

                " Finite Element Method in Animation for Dehydration of Core/Shell Fruits" in NCCA of UK;

                 " Locomotion Synthesis and Optimisation Framework for Insects" in NCCA of UK;

2012-2014 Program "3D Animation Pedagogy in Double Languages" financed by Human Sciences Researches Foundation for Institutions of High Education in Jiangsu Province. 



- "Dehydration of core/shell fruits", Computers & Graphics, 2015.4 ;

- "A novel locomotion synthesis and optimisation framework for insects", Computers & Graphics, 2014.2 ;

- "Animation Program History", Asian Culture and History (Fine Art Schools of China), Vol. 6, No.2, July 2014;

- "Idea about Animation under Social Development", Yi Shu Bai Jia, 2013.5.



Design of Toys, Nanjing: Press of Nanjing Normal University, 2008;

Making of Short Animated Film, Nanjing: Press of Nanjing Normal University, 2009.


Honors and Awards: 

2014   "Metamorphoses of A Camara" -Prinze of Excellence in Chinese Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition;

         "Redemption of Life" -1st Prize in University Student Computer Contest of Jiangsu Province;

2012 “The Back Window" - 2nd Prize for Excellent Supervisors in Group 2, honored by Ministry of Education;

2011 "Crtl+C"-2nd Prize for Excellent Supervisors in Group 2, honored by Department of Education in Jiangsu Province;

       "Old Man and A Tree", selected in Nantional Ecological Animation Exhibition organized by China Artists Association.


Titles and Professional Experiences:

Member of Jiangsu Young Artists Association, Member of the Executive Council of Film and Television for Science Popularization Association, Member of the Executive Council of Academy of Painting affiliated to Chinese Residing Abroad Union, teacher for International Section in University of New South Wales.