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“The Study of Calligraphy" major of Nanjing Normal University in 2020 Application Procedures and Requirements

“The Study of Calligraphy" major of Nanjing Normal University in 2020 Application Procedures and Requirements

Nanjing Normal University (NNU) is a "Double First-class" university in China and a high-level university in Jiangsu. As a century-old school, famous masters come forth in large numbers and have a profound cultural heritage. The school currently has three campuses: Xianlin, Suiyuan and Zijin, covering an area of 2179633 square meters. The university has 28 secondary schools, two independent institutes, philosophy, classics, law, teaching, literature, history, science, engineering, agriculture, medicine, management, arts and other disciplines, 54 professional undergraduate admissions (class), covering 78 professionals, there are 26 PhD authorized disciplines, 42 master's degree authorization discipline.

● century-old school: started in 1902

● national "Double First-class" universities

● national "project 211" key comprehensive university

● the first batch of open universities in China

● national demonstration base for studying in China

●national base for teaching Chinese as a foreign language

●the first batch of Chinese language education bases (more than 1800 overseas students are studying in NNU in the whole year)

●Suiyuan campus: "the most beautiful campus in the east"


Introduction to school of fine arts

The school of fine arts has a history of 117 years (dating back to 1902). Its predecessor was Liangjiang Normal School, which was presided over by Li Ruiqing in the late Qing dynasty. In 1928, it became the art education department of the National Central University. After 1949, it was renamed the fine arts department of Nanjing University, the fine arts department of Nanjing Normal University, and the fine arts college of Nanjing Normal University in 1999. Xu Beihong, Zhang daqian, Chen zhifu, Lu sibai, Huang junbi, Huang xianzhi, Zhang shuqi, Fu baoshi, Qin xuanfu and other famous art experts and scholars successively took charge of the administration or taught here. At present, the school has calligraphy department, Chinese painting department, western painting department, history and theory department, fine arts education department, sculpture department, visual communication department, environmental art design department, photography and media art department, animation department, product design department. Academy of fine arts is the "national sports and art teacher training base",  the major of fine arts (teacher education)--undergraduate courses pilot work colleges and universities of Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China, each major is open for the admission of undergraduate and graduate students in China and overseas.


Department of  calligraphy

● Nanjing Normal University has a long history of calligraphy education, from the school founder, supervision of Liangjiang Normal School ,Li Ruiqing, to the year of 1949 and after, Shen Zishan, Wei Tianchi, Ma Shida, etc., were all from the university , and so that known for its emphasizing on the Chinese traditional culture and the nature of Chinese calligraphy education.

● Nanjing Normal University is one of the first universities in China to offer calligraphy undergraduate program.

● in 1984, it was allowed to admit calligraphy undergraduates.

● in 1985, it began to recruit students for the admission of master students in calligraphy.

● in 1988,it began to recruit calligraphy undergraduate students (also Chinese language).

● in 1999, the department of calligraphy was established.

● in 2013, it began to recruit doctoral students in calligraphy.

● in 2019, "calligraphy" major was approved by the Ministry of Education of China for the record.

● in 2020, it will start to recruit calligraphy undergraduates from overseas.

● Since 1990, more than 10 students from Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan have been admitted.


Teaching team

Wei Tianchi:

●Wei Tianchi, senior professor of Nanjing Normal University, tutor of Ph.d. student, advisor of Chinese calligrapher's association, the Chinese culture promotion association, vice-chairman of the Chinese standard cursive hand society honorary President. He was appointed professor of calligraphy of the ministry of culture of Japan in 1986, chief professor of calligraphy of national Aichi education university, vice-chairman of Chinese calligrapher's association and director of the creative committee. Won the Chinese calligraphy Lanting award · lifetime achievement award, Zijin cultural honor medal of Jiangsu province, etc.

Wang ji'an:

●Wang Ji'an, professor of the school of fine arts, Nanjing Normal University , doctoral tutor, teaching masters in universities in Jiangsu province, director of Chinese calligrapher's association, the education committee, the Chinese ministry of education in colleges and universities professional calligraphy education committee, vice chairman of Jiangsu province calligrapher's association, consultant of mid-stream and vice President of Nanjing, Nanjing museum visiting researcher.

Chang Hanping:

●Chang Hanping, director of the department of calligraphy, fine arts college of Nanjing Normal University, master tutor, member of Chinese calligrapher's association, vice President of Jiangsu calligrapher's association.

Zhu Jianhua:

●Zhu Jianhua, doctor degree, associate professor of calligraphy, school of fine arts, Nanjing Normal University, master tutor, director of the Nanjing printing association, director of the academic department.

Liang Peixian:

● Liang Peixian, a former academic department director of Ningbo art gallery, presently for associate professor, master tutor of Nanjing Normal University ,school of fine arts, member of Chinese calligrapher's association.

Fang Lingbo:

●Fang Lingbo, PhD, associate professor, master tutor. Manager of Jiangsu calligrapher's association, deputy secretary general of Jiangsu youth calligrapher's association, deputy secretary general of Nanjing youth artist's association.

Liu Hongyou:

● Liu Hongyou ,honorary President of all-Japan overseas Chinese association, President of Chinese calligraphy institute (Japan), honorary President of all-Japan Chinese calligrapher's association, vice President of people's China calligraphy and painting academy, adjunct professor and postgraduate tutor of fine arts college of Nanjing Normal University.

Kikuyama Tsuyoshi:

●Kikuyama Tsuyoshi, Nanjing Normal University fine arts department calligraphy graduate student graduation(1996).Japan'sSankei international calligraphy association, exclusive director ; vice president of Rin association, visiting professor of Nanjing Normal University academy of fine arts. Was awarded Kunii Seikai award, the science minister award, Teshima Yukei award, etc.

Guo Peng:

●Guo Peng, a 2004 graduate of the department of calligraphy, school of fine arts, Nanjing Normal University, is a famous Indonesian calligrapher and painter. Currently working in Ipeka Integrated Christian School of Indonesia, adjunct professor of School of fine arts of Nanjing Normal University.

Lin Yipeng:

● Lin Yipeng, famous painter, professor of fine arts college of Nanjing Normal University, doctoral supervisor, director of postgraduate education department, executive vice President of Xu Beihong art research institute of Nanjing Normal University, member of Chinese artists association.

Huang Zheng:

●Huang Zheng, director of DunHuang studies research center of Nanjing Normal University, professor of fine arts college, member of the standing committee of Jiangsu provincial committee of Jiusan society, executive director of Jiangsu painting academy of Jiusan society, President of Nanjing Normal University painting and calligraphy academy of Jiusan society, President assistant of Hangzhou Buddhist college, director of Zhejiang Feilai mountain art research center (in preparation).

Wang Hanwei:

●Wang Hanwei, fine arts, classical literature post-doctoral, Nanjing Normal University academy of fine arts professor, doctoral supervisor of Jiangsu painting and calligraphy art research center, director of the Jiangsu provincial government decision-making consultation research bases "construction of research bases of art in Jiangsu province", Jiangsu social science experts, has joined the National social science foundation art project, Jiangsu province social science foundation major project host.

Xue Junwei:

●Xue Junwei, PhD, associate professor of art history, develop target of Qinglan project. Teaching and research in art history, including art history, art museum history, visual culture, as well as art curator and criticism.

Kong Xiaofeng:

● Kong Xiaofeng, associate professor of school of fine arts , Nanjing Normal University, master's tutor, teacher of Chinese painting, member of Chinese artists association, special researcher of Jiangsu literature and calligraphy research center. Winner of the first national art fund in 2014.

Weng Zhidan:

●Weng Zhidan, character Guiyuan, doctor degree, associate professor, school of fine arts, Nanjing Normal University, Chinese painting teacher.

Lu Yong:


Training targets

With the knowledge and skills of various types of Chinese calligraphy font practice as the core, cultivate a more comprehensive Chinese traditional cultural accomplishment and calligraphy accomplishment, set calligraphy creation, calligraphy research, calligraphy education ability in the whole system, with professional ethics, social responsibility, humanistic spirits of professional talents.

The main course

Calligraphy copy, calligraphy, seal cutting, philology, Chinese paintings, landscapes, flowers and birds, figures, design basis, design application, calligraphy and Chinese traditional patterns and font design, pottery, calligraphy, Chinese calligraphy, calligraphy theory teaching method, Chinese, Chinese history (bilingual), China's general situation (bilingual), introduction to Chinese culture (bilingual), Chinese art history(bilingual), poetry appreciation of art history, pedagogy, psychology, Jiangsu non-material culture, the forest of steles and the museum visiting, etc.

Length of schooling: 4 years

Degree conferred: bachelor of arts


Application conditions

1. Above the age of 18, high school graduate or above, qualified for university entrance, medically sound foreigners.

2. Students who are interested in Chinese culture and Chinese calligraphy , the education and teaching of Chinese calligraphy, and promoting Chinese culture and enhancing the international influence of Chinese calligraphy are preferred to be admitted.

3. Applicants must be non-Chinese citizens with a valid passport. According to the regulations released by Ministry of Education, China, emigrants from mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan applying as international students must have obtained their current foreign citizenship 4 years ago. In addition, the applicant must have lived abroad for at least 2 years during the latest 4 years (9 months of residence abroad per year may be considered as one year).

4.Applicants should meet the required Chinese language level and pass the HSK 4 exam (total score over 180). If the Chinese proficiency is not up to the requirements, applicants need to take Chinese courses, and the Chinese proficiency should meet the entrance requirements before entering the major study.

5. One or two photos of calligraphy works copied or created by the applicant (clear electronic photo with the signature of the applicant's name) should be submitted.


Enrolment Quota

10-15 students (the minimum number of students to start this program must be met)


Time of application

Before April 30, 2020


The registration procedure

Please log in the online registration system for foreign students of Nanjing Normal University for online registration.

When registering online, please upload the following materials:

1. Senior high school graduation diploma (Students expecting to graduate should provide an official letter stating expected graduation date, and submit the graduation diploma if admitted), which should be the original documents or certified copies in Chinese or English;

2. Official transcripts of your academic achievements up to the present, including courses taken and grades achieved (original documents or certified copies in Chinese or English);

3. Passport copy;

4. Copy of HSK Certificate;

5. Copy of medical examination report within the last 3 months;

6. Proof of fund guarantee;

7. Non-criminal proof;

8. For applicants already in China, please upload the latest passport visa page or residence permit page;

9. One or two photos of the copy or creation with complete content and style. There is no limitation on the size of the style and the work.


Admissions procedures

1. Students must complete the online application of Nanjing Normal University and mail the paper materials (all the certificates mailed should be copies, but the original documents need to be checked when registering). The final admission result is usually notified to students by email in late May every year.

2. If admitted, the student should pay tuition fee, application fee and insurance fee, and submit the payment proof to our official email, such as remittance letter. The school will send the “admission letter for foreign students of Nanjing Normal University” and “visa application form for foreign students to study in China ”(form JW202) to the student admitted within 15 working days after receiving the payment proof.

3. The admitted students shall apply for the X1 visa at the embassy (consulate) of the People's Republic of China with the admission notice and JW202 form.


The school time

Term starts in September 2020 (the specific time is subject to the admission notice)


Tuition and miscellaneous expenses (unit: RMB)

Tuition: 21000 Yuan/academic year.

Application fee: 400 Yuan/person (non-refundable).

Insurance: 800 Yuan per academic year

Accommodation fee: Twin-bed room 6000 Yuan/person/one academic year.

Teaching materials fee: according to the real price.


The scholarship

Students with excellent performance will be recommendede to apply for Nanjing government scholarship for foreign students



International students section, Office of International Cooperation and Exchanges, Nanjing Normal University.

Address: Room No. 230, Housheng building, Nanjing Normal University, No. 1, Wenyuan road, Qixia district, Nanjing, China

Zip: 210023

Telephone: + 86-25-83598362

Fax: + 86-25-83728418

Contact person: Ms Meng


The official English website of Nanjing Normal University:

Official website of School of Fine Arts, Nanjing Normal University: