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Academic Events

2020 Jiangsu Graduate Academic Innovation Forum was Successfully Held

On October 10, 2020 Jiangsu Graduate Academic Innovation Forum - "Global Economy under The Impact of Epidemic Situation and High Quality Development of Jiangsu Province" was successfully held online, which was sponsored by Jiangsu Provincial Economics Postgraduate Education Steering Committee and hosted by Business School of Nanjing Normal University.


Kangning Xu, chief professor of Southeast University, counsellor of Jiangsu Provincial Government and famous social scientist of Jiangsu Province; Conglai Fan, director of Yangtze River Delta Economics and Social Development Research Center of Nanjing University and distinguished professor of Yangtze River scholars of Ministry of Education; Yudong Wang, vice president of School of Economics and Management of Nanjing University of Science and Technology and winner of national excellent youth; Fuxin Jiang, president of Innovation Economics Research Institute of Nanjing Normal University and Jiangsu Provincial Government counsellor ; Zhen Pan, director of academic affairs and dean of Business School of Nanjing Normal University; Bojian Zhong, vice president of Graduate School of Nanjing Normal University; Junhong Bai, vice president of Business School of Nanjing Normal University and more than 100 graduate students from more than 40 universities in and outside the province attended the forum, including Fudan University, Nanjing University, Southeast University, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, Nanjing Normal University, Suzhou University, Central China Normal University and Southwest University.

At the opening ceremony, Zhen Pan delivered a welcome speech on behalf of the organizer. He expressed his sincere welcome to the young talents of China's economic circle and felt honored to hold this meeting in Nanjing Normal University, which has a history of almost 100 years. He briefly introduced the development process of Nanjing Normal University and Business School, and the achievements in discipline construction, personnel training and scientific research in recent years. He pointed out that China's economic development is in a new era of comprehensively deepening reform, expanding high-level opening-up, and promoting high-quality development of the economy. At the end of 2019, the sudden outbreak of the COVID-19 has brought great impact on the global economic development, and China's economic development is facing extremely complex internal and external environment. As a major economic province, how to effectively deal with internal and external shocks and achieve high-quality development in the process of normalized epidemic prevention and control in Jiangsu has become an important topic at present. The theme of this forum is "Global Economy under The Impact of Epidemic Situation and High Quality Development of Jiangsu Province". All the participants are young talents and promising stars in the economic circles inside and outside the province. We hope that through the forum, we can further stimulate everyone’s innovative thinking and academic enthusiasm, and promote the high-quality training of China's economics graduate students.

At the meeting, Bojian Zhong read out the list of award-winning papers of this forum. The forum received 85 excellent contributions from all over the country. After anonymous evaluation by experts, a total of 48 papers were selected and won the first, second and third prizes and excellent awards respectively.

Junhong Bai, vice president of business school, presided over the keynote speech after the opening ceremony. Professor Kangning Xu of Southeast University, Professor Conglai Fan of Nanjing University, Professor Yudong Wang of Nanjing University of Science and Technology, and Professor Fuxin Jiang of Nanjing Normal University respectively presented "The Prospect of World Economic Development under The Influence of Epidemic Situation and New Ideas of China's Participation in Economic Globalization", "Triple Cycle Promoting High-quality Economic Development of Jiangsu", "The Innovation of Innovation Policies in The Formulation of The 14th Five-Year Plan" as the theme report. The keynote speeches of the experts triggered a heated discussion among the participating graduate students with novel views, profound insights and strict logic.

In the afternoon, the award-winning postgraduates were divided into six topics to exchange opinions and discuss: "Epidemic Impact and High-quality Economic Development", "Enterprise Strategic Choice and High-quality Economic Development, Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction and Green Economic Growth", "Innovation Driven and Technological Progress of Enterprises, High-level Open" and "Export-oriented Economic Development, and Digital Economy and Transformation and Upgrading".

Based on Jiangsu Province and facing the whole country, this forum aims to promote the understanding and thinking of the global economy and the high-quality development of Jiangsu Province under the impact of the epidemic situation by building an academic exchange platform for economics graduate students, cultivate the academic innovation spirit of graduate students, enhance their academic innovation ability, and show the academic style of economics graduate students .

(contributed by the Research Office of Business School)