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Academic Events

A successfully held lecture about Studying Abroad

With the increasing trend of internationalization, more and more students are concerned about the path of studying abroad. In order to help students in business school make their decisions about studying abroad, on the afternoon of April 5, 2017 at 4:00 PM, the seminar on the topic of study abroad was held by AnSheng group in the building of XingMin. Chen hao, who is an experienced student adviser, was the keynote speaker.

Before the start of the lecture, the teacher enthusiastically talked with students, to understand the students’ beloved foreign countries, and patiently answered their   questions.

At the beginning of the lecture, Chen hao showed us some of the best students studying in the University of AnSheng in 2017, which not only demonstrates the strength of the organization, but also gives the students a clear understanding of all the hard measures needed to study abroad. Foreign college admissions group especially values some important indicators such as  GPA , TOEFL, IELTS, the speaking ability, academic papers , application for your resume and other academic indicators and internship experience, professional background and critical thinking. In general, the main content of applying for study abroad can be summarized into three points: No1 The increase in advance number of applications is a first-come-first-served advantage. No2 Work practice, research background, journal publication, etc. are promoted to be invisible standard. No3 The superiority of 985 and 211 universities is obvious. These requests encourage students to make a long-term plan for studying abroad.

Then, Chen hao showed off a list of top schools to help us to make scientific plans for studying abroad for four years. Teacher Chen hao warned the students to prepare early. Your current efforts will greatly determine your future application path, and make sure you plan ahead and get ahead. Mr. Chen also emphasized the satisfaction of personalized requirements during the application process. In the undergraduate stage, you should really know your personality and your interests and needs. Let the special experience of studying abroad truly satisfy the needs of our life and become a springboard for the future.

Besides, Chen hao encouraged the students to dare to do it. He said it was possible to graduate from the University of Pennsylvania, Stanford University and Cornell University. Fortunately AnSheng group will organize summer internships which not only enriches your resume, but also gives you a better understanding of the school you're looking forward to, knowing that you're in the right place. Again, Mr. Chen hao introduced us to the sub-institutions of AnSheng. These institutions can provide a full range of services from pre-application paperwork to post-graduate foreign internship arrangements.

Finally, Chen hao answered many questions of the attended students and shared much useful information. The seminar, which helped students learn a lot, ended with a round of applause. Teacher Chen hao presented a wonderful lecture on academic planning for the students which not only provided feasible advice for study abroad, but also helped the students to clarify their plans for studying abroad and the details of their application. The lectures helped students to further clarify their specific goals and make long-term and reasonable planning for studying abroad, embodying the idea of business schools for the international community. I really hope more students will benefit from the lecture.