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Academic Events

Academic Salon|Under the leadership of the school, the "Housheng Pilot Program" Business School Graduate Academic Salon was successfully held

On the afternoon of October 28, the academic salon for graduate students of the Business School of the “Housheng Pilot Program” was held in the meeting room 202 of Xingmin Building.


Xu Weiming, member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and Secretary of the Disciplinary Committee, Zhou Yan, Secretary of the Party Committee of the School of Business, Bai Junhong, Vice Dean of the School of Business, Cheng Xi, a graduate student counselor, and some economics graduate students of the School of Business participated in the salon. Lu Di, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of the School of Business, presided over the salon.

At the beginning of the event, all the teachers and students watched the current affairs micro-documentary "Let History Tell the Future-The 40th Anniversary of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone", which witnessed the great development of Shenzhen since its 40th anniversary. Later, the students expounded their views on topics such as "Where are Shenzhen's special features in economic system reform? What enlightenment can be gained?" The students unanimously agreed that Shenzhen’s economic system reform is "special" in innovation, "special" is taking the lead in implementation, "special" is comprehensively diversified, and "special" is increasingly opening up, and concluded that we should continue to persist in reform and opening up, and persist in innovation and development.

During the free interactive time, graduate students asked questions about thinking, study, life and career planning. Xu Weiming answered one by one based on his own learning and growth experience and put forward many pertinent suggestions.

In order to consolidate the learning achievements and test the learning level of the students, the participating graduate students conducted a knowledge contest related to the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone. Xu Weiming presented classic books as prizes to the top five students in the knowledge contest.

At last, in his concluding speech, Xu Weiming affirmed the students' good condition of firm ideals and beliefs, good moral cultivation, and full struggle spirit. Combined with their own growth experience, they put forward three points of hope for the students: first, make the faith firm and have lofty ideals; The second is not afraid of setbacks, and the courage to face difficulties and obstacles; the third is to be in awe and stick to the bottom-line thinking. Xu Weiming encourages students to combine personal learning with national development strategies, enhance the sense of historical mission and responsibility of the times, be inspired and diligent, be steady to reach far, contribute to the country, and earnestly shoulder the important task of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.


Writer: Tao Qianqian

Picture: Zhang Tianyi

Editor: Zhou Yujiao   Dong Keyu

Editor in charge: Gao Yang

Reviewer: Lu Di, Dai Tong

Translator: Jiang Renjie