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Academic Events

Applied Economics discipline of our school approved the "13th Five-Year" provincial key discipline

Recently, the Education Department of Jiangsu Province and Jiangsu Province Department of Finance jointly announced the list of the "13th Five-Year” key disciplines. Applied Economics discipline of our school successfully approved the "13th Five-Year" Jiangsu provincial key disciplines, which filled real gaps in the provincial key disciplines and achieved a major breakthrough in the discipline construction of our school.

The key disciplines in Jiangsu Province are reserve forces of provincial dominant disciplines, and they aim to guide and support universities of Jiangsu to serve major national strategies and meet economic and social development needs. Based on  universities' own advantages and characteristics, we optimize the subject structure, highlight the construction of key disciplines, innovate discipline organization mode, form academic teams and make preparations and reservations for sophisticated disciplines. Applied Economics discipline of our school is Nanjing Normal University "12th Five-Year" priority discipline. We have the doctoral degrees conferring spots of first -level disciplines, and we have formed a comprehensive and distinctive discipline system. Our research direction coveres Industrial Economics, Regional Economics, International Trade and International Direct Investment, Finance, Labor Economics and Human Capital etc. We have an outstanding faculty, high level of scientific research and high quality of talents training. In recent 5 years, we have completed around 30 china national social science foundations and national natural science foundations. We have published nearly 200 domestic and foreign authoritative periodicals,and have awarded 8 Philosophy & Social Sciences outstanding achievements of Jiangsu. In addition, 7 applied research achievements gained instructions of provincial government's main leaders.

Our school attaches great importance to the application for the provincial key disciplines. Professor Jiang Fuxin( the academic pacesetter), Professor Pan Zhen(Dean of Business School), Professor Bai Junhong( Deputy Dean of Business School), Professor Zhang Jitong ( Director of Economic and Trade Department) and other leaders, staffs and teachers took an active part in the application, and we applied for it successfully. This was another important breakthrough in discipline construction after the successful application for "12th Five-Year" provincial key disciplines.

Meanwhile, we bear in mind that our discipline construction still has a long way to go under the new policy systems. How to improve the quality of our provincial key disciplines is urgent and imminent. We will accelerate the introduction of high level talents in Applied Economics discipline and the training of academic leaders and young talents, inject more funds into the discipline construction, integrate and optimize academic resources and promote the development of Applied Economics. We all have a strong confidence in getting good grades in the final examination and inspections.