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Academic Events

Business School Alumni Zeng Yan Won the Honorary Title of "National Model Worker"

On November 24, 2020 National Commendation Conference for Model Workers and Advanced Workers was grandly held in Beijing. Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee, President of China and Chairman of the Central Military Commission, attended the meeting and delivered an important speech. The meeting announced and commended the 2020 national model workers and national advanced workers. Xi Jinping and other party and state leaders issued honorary certificates to model workers and representatives of advanced workers. As the youngest post-80s member of Jiangsu labor model delegation, Zeng Yan, alumni of class 2007 International Economy and Trade major of Business School and general manager of Jiangsu Suhong Agricultural Science and Technology Group Co., Ltd., was awarded the honorary title of "National Model Worker" in 2020.


The national model worker is an honorary title awarded by the Party Central Committee and the State Council to those who have made great contributions to the cause of socialist construction. It is selected every five years and represents the highest honor of labor workers.      


A brief introduction to alumni Zeng Yan

Zeng Yan, outstanding alumni of class 2007 International Economy and Trade major of Business School of Nanjing Normal University, is currently general manager of Jiangsu Suhong Agricultural Science and Technology Group Co., Ltd., deputy to the 12th National Congress of Chinese Women, and national women's role model, national rural youth rich leader, national innovation award winner, and CPPCC member of Nantong City, Jiangsu Province.


A returnee Master and also a university teacher, resigned to be a female new farmer

After graduating from Business School of Nanjing Normal University, Zeng Yan went to New Jersey State University to study for a master's degree in human resources management. In 2009, she returned from overseas to become a teacher of Nantong University, teaching strategic management, corporate strategy and other subjects, and she had a great sense of accomplishment on the podium. However, when she visited the New Chicks Association in California, USA, and saw modern agricultural processing plants, logistics systems and high-tech fruit automation assembly lines, she was deeply shocked, feeling that the two countries agricultural modernization level gap is really big. With the responsibility of inheriting the cause of her parents and the social mission of revitalizing modern agriculture in China, under repeated persuasion of her father and husband, she resigned from her beloved teaching position and started the family fruit business.

Make quality the key, operate in good faith and be a leader in rural revitalization

After resignation, Zeng Yan and her husband set up the first fresh supermarket chain in Nantong, and founded the "Su Hong fresh food" brand in the same year. She established the "convenient, fast, healthy, green and fashion" enterprise purpose and "high-end is not equal to high price" service concept, transferred 4000 mu of land, built 15000 square meters of modern distribution logistics center, and adopted the "company + base + cooperatives + farmers" model to develop the fruit industry. Nowadays, Su Hong fresh food has become Nantong area fruit new retail field leader. In the past 11 years, with an unyielding drive and the support of national agricultural super docking policy, she has successfully raised the annual turnover of Su Hong from 5 million yuan to 230 million yuan, and led thousands of farmers to get rid of poverty and become rich.


In recent years, Zeng Yan has been actively implementing the integration development model of "rural revitalization" and "targeted poverty reduction in fruit industry", fruit industry has become bigger and bigger, leading more and more farmers to increase income and become rich. She has also won the national model worker, the national model of women, Nantong City women entrepreneurship and innovation mentor and many other honorary titles. In just a few years, Su Hong fresh food has expanded 37 stores, absorbed more than 900 people for employment and supported about 500 wechat business merchants to start businesses successfully. In Sichuan, Shanxi, Xinjiang, Hainan and other places, the company has established 27 order planting bases, led 6930 farmers to get rid of poverty and gradually became the leader in rural revitalization. From 2018 to 2019, Su Hong stood out among more than 200,000 shops in JingDong, ranking among the top 100 and winning the championship in fruit sales.


Love her alma mater, innovate and start businesses, caring donations convey true feelings

As a young entrepreneur in the new era, Zeng Yan knew the importance of science and technology to promote agriculture. With the boom of e-commerce, she linked agriculture to the Internet. In 2013, she registered the Suhong wechat business platform, with a daily order of more than 10,000. She independently developed "farm soil moisture detection software", "Suhong cold chain storage intelligent management system", "Suhong seed culture research and development analysis software" and other six science and technology, and has already obtained software copyright registration certificates. In 2020, she won the national innovation award, which is second only to the national highest award of science and technology.


Zeng Yan has long been concerned about supporting the development of her alma mater. Since 2018, she has been an innovation and entrepreneurship mentor, sharing her innovative entrepreneurial stories with the juniors, encouraging students to work hard and forge ahead. At the end of 2019, she donated 200 boxes of fruit to the teachers of her mother school, expressing her strong love and deep gratitude. During the period of COVID-19, she carried heavy pressure to ensure supply management and farm production under the premise of doing a good job of enterprise prevention and control measures, and cared about the epidemic situation and donated generously at the same time. With her own love action to help hometown fight against the virus, the cumulative amount of donations reached more than 200,000 yuan. She carried forward the spirit of labor model and transferred great love to help fight the epidemic.