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Academic Events

Business School Held the Second "Li Zhenkun Scholarship and Teaching Fund" Award Ceremony

On November 23, the second "Li Zhenkun Scholarship and Teaching Fund" award ceremony was held in Xianlin campus. Hong Yinxing, former Party Secretary and senior liberal arts professor of Nanjing University, Jin Bei, member of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Hu Minqiang, Secretary of the School Party Committee, Ben Guodong, member of the Standing Committee of the Party, head of the Organization Department and head of the United Front Work Department, Shu Jie, daughter of Professor Li Zhenkun, along with members of the Board of Directors of Li Zhenkun Scholarship and Teaching Fund, relatives and students of Professor Li Zhenkun, award-winning teachers and students, and representatives of Business School attended the conference.


At the beginning, all guests, teachers and students watched the video clip —— "Devote one’s Life to the Cause of People's Education", which reviewed Professor Li Zhenkun's unswerving and unforgettable life, and practices of the responsibility of a Communist Party member in the post of teacher.

Subsequently, Hu Minqiang, Secretary of the School Party Committee, extended high respect and heartfelt thanks to all alumni and guests attending the ceremony, and expressed warm congratulations to award-winning teachers and students. He pointed out that Professor Li Zhenkun is a famous economist in China and the founder of the economic discipline of Nanjing Normal University. Her boundless loyalty to the Party, the country and the cause of education, her indefatigable and dedicated moral outlook, her practical and scientific and rigorous academic style is a vivid interpretation of the school motto. This spirit has become a very precious spiritual wealth of Nanjing Normal University.

Secretary Hu Minqiang further pointed out that the purpose of this activity is to deeply remember Professor Li Zhenkun's academic life of loving the motherland, being loyal to the Party, striving for self-improvement, and contributing to the cause of people's education, to deeply appreciate her selfless feelings of being a teacher and caring about students. Secretary Hu also encouraged the award-winning teachers and students of Business School to inherit and carry forward Professor Li's dedicated and fearless research spirit, to learn from her attitudes of upholding the truth towards life, to strive for the cause of the Party and the people, to become a man of faith, conviction, self-improvement and selfless dedication, and to make Nanjing Normal University continue to maintain its youth and reputation.


Fu Kangsheng, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of Li Zhenkun Scholarship, read out the "Decision on the Award of the Second Li Zhenkun Scholarship and Teaching Fund". Innovative Economic Research Team and Business Administration Teaching Team won the excellent team award, Yi Zhigao, Li Jinsheng and other six teachers won the "Li Zhenkun Teaching Fund", Min Shiyun, Jiang Wei and other six students won the "Li Zhenkun Scholarship".


Leaders and guests presented awards for the award-winning teachers and students. As the second "Li Zhenkun Teaching Fund" winning teacher representative, Yi Zhigao said that Professor Li's selfless contribution to education for life is not only an example for future generations, but also a force to encourage everyone to continue to forge ahead. In the face of the new tasks and goals of higher education reform and the building of new liberal arts, discipline construction of the school will also enter a new stage of development. Yi Zhigao expressed that he would certainly turn today's honor into a driving force for the future, work hard and devote his own strength to the development of the college. Min Shiyun, an undergraduate majoring in finance at Grade 2017, spoke as a winning student representative of the second "Li Zhenkun Scholarship". She expressed her gratitude to Professor Li Zhenkun and the scholarship board, and shared her understanding of Professor Li's rigorous and realistic academic spirit and academic attitude towards excellence, as well as her own experience in learning and growing up. She said she would continue to strive to improve her scientific and cultural level and comprehensive quality, become the new youth in the new era.


Hong Yinxing, Honorary Chairman of the Board of Directors of Li Zhenkun Scholarship and Teaching Fund, delivered a sincere and touching speech. He first congratulated and encouraged the award-winning teachers and classmates, and expressed his deep memory of Professor Li Zhenkun. He pointed out that the establishment of this award has a demonstration role and is of great significance and he hoped that Professor Li's spirit would continue for a long time. On the issue of economics, Professor Hong Yinxing sent words to both teachers and students: the focus of economic research is to solve the development problems of China, which should be guided by issues of the times, by the main social contradictions and the high quality development. At the same time, research should keep pace with the times and take problems raised in the latest documents of the central government as the direction. At present, our country is constructing a new development pattern with domestic big circulation as the main body and domestic and international dual circulation promoting each other. As economic professional scholars, we should deepen the understanding of economic things such as industrial chain and supply chain, and strengthen the research on globalization, international and domestic double circulation.


Finally, the leaders, guests and award-winning teachers and students took a group photo.

(Contribution by Li Zhenkun Scholarship Council)