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"Data-driven" or "theory-driven"? ——The 8th Teacher Development Center Forum of Business School

To provide teachers and students with an academic platform for direct communications,and to guide the students to use scientific and effective methods in the study of management, as well as to improve their writing skills, professor Jiang  Shibing,who comes from Brock university,Canada, was invited by the 8th  Teacher  Development  Central Forum of  business institute in the afternoon of May 8th and  10th,  issued  two wonderful lectures, mainly talking  about data-driven and theory - driven research methods,  leading a profound communication  among  students and teachers.The lectures was hosted by Liu Liping, associate professor of business school. Many teachers and students of management and relevant majors attended the lecture.

Professor Jiang Shibing has been teaching in Goodman institute of Brock universityin Canada since July 2006, and was awarded tenured professor in July 2011, his main research  interests   include  intellectual  property  management,  enterprise  r&d performance analysis, enterprise strategy management analysis, etc.He has made greatattainments in academic research.

On the afternoon of May 8th, Professor Jiang opened the prelude of this sharing session with data-driven. At the beginning of the sharing session, Professor Jiang emphasized that data-driven as a method of research, can be achieved, and data-driven is convenient, fast and so on, but also requires students to master a strong data processing capabilities. Then, Professor Jiang carried out this exchange on specific data-driven research methods, including the collection and identification of data, reading literature, and the sharing of some writing methods and data processing software.

On the afternoon of May 10th, Professor Jiang continued to share another method - theory driven commonly used in academic research with the students . It meant that we should produce an idea when conducting theory-driven research. In contrast, the theory-driven’s approach takes more time and energy than the data-driven’s. Professor Jiang combines his own experiences to tell the students that the data are difficult to study in the theory-driven’s approach. At the same time, Professor Jiang pointed out that the research of theoretical driving method tends to produce subversive contribution to academia, which is difficult to achieve by using data-driven research methods.

Professor Jiang shared two different research methods with the students in two lectures, and conducted a series of comparative analysis of the two methods, so that students had more clear and in-depth understanding about two kinds of research methods. At the same time, Professor Jiang shared the actual case with the students in the process of sharing, which was easy to understand,more convenient for the students’ understanding. So, students benefited a lot from this share meeting. Also, they had a in-depth discussion about their own academic research problems with Professor Jiang , and the academic atmosphere was very strong. Finally , the teacher development forum achieved a complete success.

Postgraduate Students Union of Business School

Reported by Cao Wenwen

 Pictures from Lyu Mengcheng

 Edited by Sun Jinyun

 May 14, 2017