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Documentary on The 9th Asia-Pacific Business Schools Desert Adventure | Walking With the Strong——MBA of Business School of Nanjing Normal University’s First Expedition in Yasha, the Min Lion Team Triumphantly Returned!

The Tengger Desert in August was particularly different because of the arrival of a group of hot-blooded young people. Although everyone was worried about the impact of COVID-19, Yasha Adventure arrived as promised and attracted nearly 1600 MBA and EMBA students and their relatives from more than 70 top business schools to the desert to compete.

This year coincides with a special year, and it is the first time that Nanjing Normal University has teamed up to participate in the competition. Business school and leaders of MBA education center attached great importance and sent 11 people which named as "dream team" to the desert. Zhou Yan, secretary of the school's party committee, made a special mention at the departure ceremony: "The main task of our first competition is to observe and learn. The safe completion of the competition is the primary goal. We need to pay more attention to the sustainability and development of participating Yasha Adventure in the future." During the three-day hike, all team members held the mentality of learning from the strong and walking with the strong, and accomplished 70 kilometers of desert challenge.


The average age of the MBA Min Lion team was 34.5 years old, the youngest was Ye Wenjie, a 27-year-old C team member, and the oldest was Wang Shunli, a 42-year-old B team member. Everyone had no experience hiking in the desert, although many players usually run and exercise, on their first day in the desert, they found that everything was completely different from their previous experience. At the end of the first day of the competition, many players had a certain degree of damage to their muscles and knees because they had no experience in desert hiking, which also had some influence on the second and third day of the competition. For example, team member Zhang Peng's knee pain was getting more and more serious, on the last day when encountering downhill, he could only turn his back and walk down to reduce the pain, even so he bit the bullet and crossed the finish line with only eight minutes left, and won the medal at the last moment!


In addition to leg and knee injuries, the players needed to acclimatize themselves to the environment, and the next day half of them had diarrhea symptoms. Among them B team member Zhang Min endured abdominal pains and stuck to the end, and C team member Ye Wenjie, also the flag bearer, once lost water and collapsed due to diarrhea. He tried many times with the help of a team-mate but failed to insist on the rest of the day and was sent back to the camp ultimately. Despite the next day's bad physical condition, he did not give up on the third day. After hard adjustment, he set foot on the road to the destination in his heart without hesitation and got his own medal!


Willpower is clearly a must for desert walking, but the strength of a team can not be ignored, sometimes a teammate's encouragement, a look can help those who want to give up to regain courage. B team member, also this Min Lion team leader Zhou Qinghai and his teammate Li Jie was such a combination. In three days they  encouraged each other and supported each other along the way, and finally smoothly passed the finish line hand in hand, completing their inner challenge! B team member and flag bearer Liu Yangyong and his teammate Wang Shunli also supported each other and reached the end together on the first day. C team member Zheng Lijun, with his teammate Ye Wenjie in poor health and rested on site, did not give up easily, instead he stopped a few kilometers away and chose firmly to return back to see his partner after waiting half a day. And on the third day he encouraged teammate Zhang Peng all the time before the end, the two men each carried the flag handed by their teammates and completed the competition successfully!


C team member Tang Yan was the only woman in team. In this inconvenient desert, she also interpreted the spirit of Yasha with persistence and perseverance. She seemed to be weak but was as excellent as her male peers, just an hour before the end of the competition, she finished the game smoothly! Of course, this was also closely related to the three days' company with her C team member Hangtao Fang, who gave spiritual support all the time. That's what teammates do, individual honors matter, but collective honors are more important. Standing at the finish line, we've seen too many partners who were hugging and crying, some even gave up the sprint and returned back when they saw their partners fell down, which was really moving and heartwarming.


B team member Wang Shun was the oldest of the team and also the Min Lion "dream team" coach, he warned the team not to underestimate the enemy when most players were extremely confident before departure, because desert is completely different from flat land. Although he had some doubts about his age and physical strength, and suffered leg and knee injuries on the first day of the game, he still set an example for our young people with the attitude and actions of an old comrade. From the next day, he bit his teeth and dashed all the way forward, aiming at the man in front, catching him, surpassing him, and aiming at the next one! The last two days he was always the team's first to cross the finish line, his drive and influence could not be said to be  positive energy that inspired the collective, and he must have made a great contribution to the record of merits of the whole team.


This Yasha Adventure has trained the Min Lion team, allowing them to learn experience, sum up lessons, and win praise from the organizing committee and brother colleges as well, which could be said to have achieved the set goal. Of course, there were also a lot of stories, joy and bitterness, laughter and tears, we will show you in full detail in the "Sha 9 special issue" in the near future. Meanwhile, the team will also work under the guidance of the MBA Education Center and the MBA Association to implement the Business School Secretary's "Sustainable and Developable Participation in Yasha Adventure" directive, actively prepare for Sha 10, select talents, exercise teams, set goals and carry out training, strive for more harvest in Tengri on May Day next year and win the first "Sand Gull Award" trophy for MBA of Nanjing Normal University!