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Academic Events

Dr. Yuxuan Tang interprets the risks of foreign infrastructure investment based on One Belt and One Road

At noon on June 14ththe Business School successfully held the 37th Teacher Development Center Forum at the 201 of Xingmin Building. Dr. Yuxuan Tang was invited to be the keynote speaker of this forumpresenting a wonderful academic report entitled "Risk Assessment of Foreign Infrastructure Investment and Empirical Study Based on the Belt and Road Initiative ". The forum was hosted by Professor Zhen Liu. The graduate students and teachers of business school participated in the activity.

At the beginning of the lecture, Dr. Tang yuxuan introduced the basic background of "One Belt And One Road" and the motivation of foreign infrastructure investment at home and abroad. Then she started from the nature of foreign basic investment and conducted risk assessment from various angles.There are systematic risks and non-systematic risks in outward infrastructure investment, and they have distinct characteristics of stage distribution. There are many ways to choose risk assessment research. Dr. Yuxuan Tang studied the impact of the scale and cycle of external infrastructure investment on risk, and used the classical regression method Probit model to test the robustness of the virtual variable success. Institutional risk and infrastructure risk are important risk factors affecting the success of PPP projects along the “Belt and Road” economies.

Next, Dr Yuxuan Tang empirical results for the further analysis, it is concluded that the foreign infrastructure evaluation mechanism should be as the change of investment way and make the corresponding adjustment, to set up the mechanism of distinguishing project evaluation, at the same time provide a scoring system or quantifiable assessment mechanism, comprehensive analysis on the invested its conclusion. Finally, she put forward two policy Suggestions to deal with the risk of foreign infrastructure investment, one is to establish a legal system for overseas investment, and the other is to improve the government support for foreign affairs and trade.

Based on solid theoretical foundation and rich academic knowledge, Dr. Yuxuan Tang explained the risk assessment of foreign basic investment and used simple and popular words to explain the complicated research issues vividly.