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Academic Events

Explore And Practise New Ways of Education and Undertake Responsibilities In the New Era

Recent years Business School of NNU has been leading young students to expose themselves to national conditions in a way to improve their innovative capability as well as sense of responsibility, broadening their horizons in the mean time.

Critical Thinking Triggers New Experimental Problems

Teachers and students talked about relationships between rural vitalization strategy and ‘Internet Finance’. Mobile payment has penetrated rural areas and brought huge difference to people’s life, especially to peasants who had no access to supportive financial services. However, due to the demanding skills and incomplete service equipment those peasants may have psychological repellence to internet finance. As a result, catering to the developing needs of peasant household and promoting the fast and healthy advancement of rural finance are indispensable.

Solve Practical Problems By Researching Peasant Household

In a way to figure our the problems discussed above, the team formed by several students from Business School designed a questionnaire and carried out a survey in Jiangsu Province.

The results show that despite the gradual acceptance by peasants, internet finance is still rejected by a huge part of people living in rural areas, which is greatly connected with competitively low economic development level and incompleteness of financial services.

On the other hand, the team also analyzed the cause of the repellant based on government policies, financial income, knowledge equipment, basic infrastructure and skill competence.

Contribute To the Vitalization of Rural Area Using Current Knowledge

In the research, the team found that peasants’ lack of knowledge of internet financial service or products. To solve this problem, students are carrying out an voluntary activity aimed to popularize financial knowledge in their leisure time. They also submitted advisory recommendation reports to many internet financial institutions, pointing out that these institutions ought to broaden their marketing channels, enforce internal risk management and enhance awareness of social responsibility, which, in a way ,further contribute to the coordination of regional development.