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Academic Events

Forum on Leadership Development,2018---New Era, New Order, New Ego was held successfully

 In order to increase the comprehensive quality and leadership of the MBA students, Forum on Leadership Development of 2018 with the theme: New Era, New Order, New Ego, sponsored by MBA education center of NNU and Nanjng MBA Alliance , hosted by MBA students Union of NNU and “Dakadai Training” study association concluded successfully. Nearly 100 people attended, including representatives of MBA students unions of universities in Nanjing.

This forum mainly centered on the subjects of entrepreneur spirit of new era, the human resources strategy of enterprises, leadership dimensions and system building of leadership in enterprises.

Prof. GuJianping expounded the entrepreneur spirit of new era. It was realized that entrepreneur spirit is a innovative consciousness in essence: new idea, new product, new market, new mode, new evolution; a responsibility: dedication, integrity, cooperation, learning; a character: risk-taking, accurate judgment, resolute decision, perseverance; a kind of value: profit creating, love devoting, society repaying; and a cultural attainment: extensive knowledge, noble moral sentiments, rich imagination. Ultimately, entrepreneurs need to transfuse the entrepreneur spirit to enterprise spirit, and solidify the personal innovative consciousness into their enterprises.

LuoBo, partner of Chengshiyinli company, senior HR expert, made a wonderful speech on organization and human resources strategy of Fast Company. He made some examples on development situation, opportunities and challenges of some enterprise which are involved in his guidance. It is known that preschool education is a high grade massive market with Tera-scale and some companies could make 2000 times progress in few years. In management level, the talents of little rabbit style and wild wolf style should be treated differently, violent management is sightless.

After tea break, associate prof. SongChengyi, Doctor of Management, graduate advisor, analyzed some requisite skills for manager. For instance, a manager need to make a good management of himself, social network and team, which include all the key effective activities. Effective management depend on positive participation. What he said offered trainees great benefit.

Huang Dawei, president of MBA league, training management of corporate university, leader of leadership project, discussed the subject of personal leadership in organization at 4 aspects: 1) general way of leadership evolution; 2) quality requirement of individual contributor; 3) core task of management; 4) main source of leader’s power. Finally, he pointed that, with the overall national strength promotion, managers at new age should enhance the self-confidence of culture, carry forward the essence of ancient management thought, advance the development of organizational leadership by making joint effort of China and the west. His humorous speech won warm applause frequently.

At the end of this forum, Wang Guoping, president of Nanjng MBA Alliance, chairman of NNU alumni association, made a conclusion, appealed for communications, learning, supporting and promotion with each other. He also presented his calligraphy work to MBA students Union of NNU.

This grand open gathering accumulated experience and promoted confidence on inner and outside collaboration of MBA education center and played a positive role in brand publicity of NNU MBA.