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Grasp the "Real Problem" to Carry out Decision - Making Consulting Research

2019 Jiangsu Young Think Tank Scholar Salon
Expert Reports on ‘Comprehensive Well-off Society and Private Economy’

Grasp the "Real Problem" to Carry out Decision

- Making Consulting Research

Bu Hai  Nanjing Normal University   

At the beginning of the establishment of the private economic research based in Jiangsu Province in 2012, the most urgent thing is to select the real problem, which is an important topic that is difficult to avoid in the decision-making consultation. There are many problems in the economy and society, some of which may be important at that time, but it may soon be resolved, and after a period of time will not be a problem.That is, the choice of the problem is to keep pace with the times and to meet the development needs of the times. The current theme of Jiangsu Province's private economic research base is to stick to and innovate, that is, how to set up the results and experience of the past Jiangsu Province, and in the present day has set up the self-trade zone's Jiangsu Province to enlarge and innovate. At the time of version 1.0 of the FTZ, Jiangsu Province also needs the lead and support of Shanghai, and when it is set up in the free trade area of version 2.0, in the call of promoting economic development in the free trade area, Jiangsu Province has already started to shake off the lead of Shanghai, and the seven self-trade zones in the third edition have been set up mainly in the interior of the Central Plains. In 2019, Jiangsu formally established three self-trade zones, which also marks the smooth realization of self-reliance in Jiangsu Province. The three self-trade zones are: Nanjing Jiangbei New Area, respectively. Suzhou Industrial Park, Lianyungang. The regional and economic differences of each area also determine the strategic positioning of the three large areas. The Nanjing area will focus on the construction of an independent and innovative pilot area with international influence, a modern industrial demonstration area and an important platform for opening up to the outside world. The Suzhou Industrial Park will focus on the construction of the world-class high-tech industrial park, create all-round open and international innovation, the four highlands of high-end industry and modernization; Lianyungang area will focus on building the important international transport hub of Asia-Europe, the open-door of gathering high-quality factors and the important fulcrum of the construction of the "One Belt and One Road".


The construction of the self-trade zone not only can promote the development of the economy of the province, but also can drive the common progress of a region, including the Yangtze River Delta region of the three self-trade zones in Shanghai, Jiangsu and Zhejiang. In addition, a brand-new permanent working mechanism, the Regional Cooperation Office of the Yangtze River Delta, has been set up. In the two years of deep cooperation, the absolute quantity and growth rate of all indicators in the three provinces have exceeded expectations, and remarkable results have been achieved. From the point of view of the development of the private economy, there are still some problems in the cooperation of the in the Yangtze River Delta, most of which are the hidden barriers that hinder the development of the private economy, and the main reason for the hidden barrier is the difference of the integration level of different regions. Such as Shanghai, Zhejiang and Jiangsu are all equipped with self-trade zones, while Anhui has not, the legal provisions and policies between the provinces must be different In order to break through the hidden barriers, the most important is to take into account and seek a higher combined force from the national level to form a loose and consistent macro-policy support system.


In the process of finding a real problem, it is difficult to experience the order of the human cloud and the cloud. In order to get rid of the cloud and the cloud, to form the correct point of view, it is necessary to do the following points. First of all, there must be a solid economic rationale, which is the first time to make the right and wonderful decision. To the contemporary young college students and the postgraduates, the study of the theoretical knowledge of the economy should be strengthened, and the theory of the theory should be improved. Second, the research of decision-making resources should not be focused on a field, that is, there is no need to do so. In the end, we should learn to make a fuss, grasp a point worthy of study, study carefully and dig in depth, so that the conclusion is more unique and guidance.