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Jiangsu Academic Innovation Forum for Graduate Students in 2020 : "Global Economy and High Quality Development in Jiangsu Province under the Impact of the Epidemic Situation " Solicitation Notice

The spread of COVID-19 has brought huge impact on global economic development, and the world economy is facing unprecedented challenges. Under the strong leadership of the Party and the government, Chinese people have made concerted efforts and achieved periodic victories, setting a benchmark and example for global economic recovery. However, the internal and external uncertainties facing China's economic and social development still exist for a long time, and the situation is grim and complex. As a major economic province, how to effectively cope with internal and external shocks and achieve high-quality development in the process of regular epidemic prevention and control has become an important issue at present.

In this context, Nanjing Normal University plans to host the 2020 Jiangsu Graduate Academic innovation Forum on October 10,2020, the theme is global economy and high-quality development in Jiangsu province under the impact of epidemic situation. The forum is dedicated to promoting the understanding and thinking of graduate students on global economy and high-quality development of Jiangsu under the impact of the epidemic, enhancing academic exchanges, stimulating academic enthusiasm and promoting academic innovation. Now we are soliciting articles from all over the country, welcome excellent graduate students to contribute!


Conference theme: Jiangsu Academic Innovation Forum for Graduate Students in 2020 : Global Economy and High Quality Development in Jiangsu Province under the Impact of the Epidemic Situation 

Time: October 10,2020

Place: Affected by the epidemic, the meeting is to be held online, specific arrangements to be notified

Host unit: Jiangsu Graduate Education Steering Committee of Economics

Organizer: Business School of Nanjing Normal University

Forum topics:

The conference essay mainly includes, but is not limited to the following topics:

  1. Global economic development under the impact of the epidemic
  2. Uncertainty and transnational enterprise investment and international trade
  3. Public health emergencies and economic resilience
  4. Integration of Yangtze River Delta and high-quality development of Jiangsu Province
  5. Construction of scientific innovation system and high-quality economic development
  6. The path of coordinated development of Jiangsu regional economy
  7. High quality development and enterprise survival strategy
  8. Enterprise management under the impact of the epidemic
  9. Technological innovation and transformation and upgrading of enterprises
  10. Other issues relevant to the Forum theme

Paper submission:

Meeting paper submission deadline: September 10,2020, paper submission in the form of Word or PDF documents. Electronic version please send to:

Please note when sending the email: the subject of the email is "Jiangsu Academic Innovation Forum for Graduate Students in 2020+first author’s name", the attached name is" first author’s name +paper main title ".

The forum adheres to academic originality, contributors should strictly abide by academic ethics and strictly prohibit plagiarism and copying. The forum will invite experts for anonymous initial evaluation, and the authors of selected papers will be invited to report on the meeting. The forum will also select the first, second and third prize among selected papers and issue the award certificates at the same time.

The first page of the paper should include: title, author's name, work (study) unit, correspondence address, postal code, e-mail and contact number. The number of words per paper should not be less than 5000 words. The writing format should be: Chinese title, Chinese abstract and key words, text (including drawings and tables), references, English title, author's Chinese phonetic name, full English name of the author's unit, English abstract and key words. For the typesetting of the paper, please refer to the contribution style of "Economic Research".

Conference fees and attendance certificates: Forum registration fee is waived. The Organizing Committee will send an official invitation to the participants as proof of participation.

Contact: Yuanchao Bian, Xinxing Zhang

Tel: 025-85891649, 1565 1893757(Mr. Bian), 13913027580(Mr. Zhang)

Contact Email: