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Junhong Bai│ Building a Comprehensive Environment for the Development of Innovative Talents

Talent is the first resource for urban innovation and development, and also the core element of building urban comprehensive strength. It is of great significance to accurately grasp the law of the development of innovative talents, formulate and implement relevant policies of innovative talents, and consolidate the foundation of innovative human resources.

In the past two or three years, many cities in China have formulated and issued talent attraction policies. The competition around "nesting and attracting Phoenix" has also become one of the hot topics in society. As a mega-city in the Yangtze River Delta and an important central city in the eastern region, Nanjing has good performance in the aspects of economic development level, scientific and educational innovation environment, public service level, social and cultural background, natural ecological environment, and has a stable foundation for attracting talents. With the intensive introduction of targeted talent attraction policies such as the "NingJu Project" for young college students and the implementation of a series of supporting policies for optimizing the talent development environment, Nanjing's work of attracting talents and wisdom has achieved remarkable results. It can be said that in full swing of "the war for talent", Nanjing's achievements can be noted.

Attracting talents is only the first step in the strategy for the development of innovative talents. Abundant empirical evidence at home and abroad shows that the construction of a comprehensive environment conducive to the development of innovative talents is the necessary foundation and prerequisite for the implementation of innovation-driven strategy. In order to build a famous city with global influence, Nanjing can not be satisfied with the current accumulation of innovative talents, but should make great efforts to continue to improve the overall number of innovative talents, break through the quality bottleneck of high-level innovative talents, and through effective innovation supporting measures, activate the innovative consciousness and release the innovative ability of talents, coordinate the allocation of talents related resources, promote the value transformation of innovation achievements, thus creating a favourable environment for regional innovation in an all-round way. Only through the interlocking and indispensable introduction and development of the whole strategic measures of the innovative talents, and the pursuit of a two-way drive which can achieve complementarity between innovative talent resources and regional innovation environment, can we open up the spiral upward development path of "Innovative environment attracts innovative talents and innovative talents build innovative environment" and realize the virtuous circle of high-quality urban economic development with innovation as the main driving force.


Fully tap its own advantages to create the attractive card of city comprehensive talents

All kinds of talent policies are only a short-term means for a city to attract innovative talents. In the long run, the fundamental improvement of the quantity and quality of innovative talents depends on the comprehensive attraction of the city. For Nanjing, we should comprehensively evaluate its own characteristics, find its own positioning accurately, take advantage of its strengths and circumvent its weaknesses. Through deep cooperation among different subjects, such as enterprises, universities and scientific research institutes under the leadership and coordination of the government, we construct the comprehensive attraction of the city with distinctive Nanjing characteristics together.

In order to enhance Nanjing's comprehensive attraction to innovative talents, on the one hand, it is necessary to do a good job of classifying innovative talents according to the different characteristics of the research field, ability structure and growth stage of innovative talents, study different types of innovative scientific and technological talents deeply, especially the distribution situation and flow law of high-end talent and scarce talent, and then formulate pertinent measures to attract innovative talents, ensuring that the work of attracting talents and wisdom is on target. On the other hand, we should try our best to avoid the convergence with the talent policies of other cities, and fully tap and integrate the urban advantages of Nanjing around the multiple dimensions of economic base, scientific and educational environment, humanistic background, natural ecology and social life, so as to highlight the urban characteristics of Nanjing and create its own business card.


Construct supporting policy system accurately to stimulate the vitality of talent innovation

In order to stimulate its innovation vitality, transform its innovation achievements and improve the overall innovation performance, it is necessary to form a benign interaction with other resources in the region after the entry of innovative talent resources. During this process, the government should emphasize the refinement of supporting policies, distinguish the functions and tasks of different innovation links, such as basic research, applied research, development research, etc., construct a comprehensive and accurate policy system for innovative talents from the supply side, truly break down the institutional barriers that hinder talent innovation, and realize the best use of talents, and finally serve the enhancement of the overall competitiveness of urban innovation ecosystem.

First of all, from a policy making perspective, we should deal with the excellent policy experience within and outside the country, and combine the actual situation of Nanjing to create the toolbox of urban innovation supporting policy. For example, creating an institutional atmosphere that encourages innovation and tolerates failure, perfecting the intellectual property system and the market of innovation elements, setting up information disclosure and resource sharing platforms, building trust and reputation mechanisms, providing financial services and support for innovative activities, etc. Secondly, from a policy implementation perspective, we should focus on the implementation effect and path difference of various policies, identify the weak links of different policies, accurately exert power, effectively transmit and maximize the effect of each policy in a persistent way, and at the same time maintain the consistency and coherence between policies, form system resultant force, thus guiding the urban innovation ecosystem with innovation talent resources as the core to realize healthy development.


Allocate talent resources scientifically to form the effect of innovation agglomeration

When innovative talent resources in the region reaches a certain number, it will form the agglomeration of innovative talents under such favorable internal and external environment, and make a breakthrough contribution to the overall innovative ability and performance of the region by means of scale effect, knowledge spillover effect, competition incentive effect and environmental optimization effect. Therefore, Nanjing needs to allocate the innovative talent resources scientifically and reasonably so as to fully release the innovation potential of talent resources and maximize the output and transformation of innovation achievements.

First of all, we should guide and allocate innovative talents reasonably, promote the concentration of imported talents in innovation departments and industries, and provide innovation services according to the specific characteristics of different innovation work such as progressive and breakthrough work. Secondly, we should strengthen the relationship and interaction between different types of innovative talents through diversified forms, such as collective learning, face-to-face communication, project cooperation, co-construction of parks, talent sharing and so on. By effective allocation of innovative talent resources, we will eliminate the barriers of cooperation between innovative talents, promote the collision and integration of innovative knowledge and ideas, and form a cooperative innovation network inside and outside the region, and then produce the effect of "1+1>2", thus providing strong support for the realization of the strategic goal of urban innovative development.


Focus on cultivating new forces of innovation to ensure sustainable innovation capacity in cities

The core feature of urban innovation ecosystem is dynamic evolution, which requires all system elements to ensure stable operation of urban innovation ecosystem through the continuous "input-output" cycle, and to provide help for the high-quality and sustainable development of the city. In this process, sustainable innovation capacity of the whole system is an important element.

The core of sustainable innovation capacity is the continuous accumulation of innovative human capital, that is, the ceaseless supply of innovative talents. This has put forward higher requirements for the city to cultivate innovative new forces and build innovative talent echelon. In the process of constructing a world-class innovative city, Nanjing should pay full attention to the cultivation of innovative talents, constantly optimize the structure of innovative human capital, and build sustainable innovation capacity of the city through the "input-output" cycle. On the one hand, it is necessary to make full use of all kinds of innovative talent resources that have been introduced, to give full play to the demonstration and leading role of innovative talents, especially high-level innovative talents, and to cultivate Nanjing's self-hematopoietic function in innovative talents by breaking the barriers of cooperation between innovative talents and constructing an exchange platform for industry, education and research. On the other hand, it is of vital importance to increase the investment of innovation-oriented educational resources, especially based on Nanjing's own advantages, to activate the existing scientific and educational resources, to promote the organic combination of technological resources and educational resources, so as to cultivate more high-knowledge and high-skilled talents with innovation capacity who will meet the needs of local development, thus providing support for the sustainable development of urban innovation ecosystem.


(The author is vice dean, professor, doctor and doctoral supervisor of Business School of Nanjing Normal University)