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Junhong Bai:Building a Positive Cycle of Mutual Promotion Between Urban Development and Regional Development in the Province

In the process of reform and innovation and promoting high-quality development, Nanjing, as the provincial capital city, needs to properly handle the relationship between the city's own development and the development of the whole region in Jiangsu Province, so that the development of the whole region is driven by the development of the city itself, and the development of the city is driven by the development of the province. The two promote and support each other, forming a virtuous circle of continuous spiral rise.

Adhering to innovation and development, optimizing innovation ecology

After years of development and accumulation, Nanjing has made a series of remarkable achievements in the construction of innovative famous city, but it is still necessary to persist in taking innovation as the first engine of economic growth and urban development and upgrading. First of all, based on the high-end and cluster industrial layout, we should make great efforts to introduce and incubate high-tech enterprises, especially industry leaders, and effectively integrate all relevant elements such as urban industrial clusters, infrastructure and social services. We should also encourage full cooperation among innovation subjects at different levels and industries, build multi-directional and interactive innovation network relationships, and create high-coherent innovation chains and vibrant urban innovation ecology as well. Secondly, try to achieve a "soft and hard combination" in terms of system support and security, and do a good job in the reform of institutional mechanisms in intellectual property rights, financial services and administrative services. Resolutely crack institutional barriers that hinder innovation, provide all-round and full-process institutional support for innovation and entrepreneurship, and at the same time actively explore the "soft" institutional environment construction such as social culture, values and beliefs. Through the "two hands" of system construction, we can promote the formation of a community of innovative interests with norms, tolerance, mutual trust and mutual benefit, and create a comprehensive urban atmosphere conducive to innovation.


Implementing modern governance and building city brands

The development of urban governance towards modernization, refinement and humanization has become a major trend. If Nanjing wants to become the hub and demonstration of constructing new development pattern and unblocked double circulation, it must unswervingly promote the modernization of urban governance, improve the level of urban service, and shape the city brand with distinctive Nanjing characteristics. Among them, the reform and optimization of business environment is a key link, especially in the new development pattern of domestic and international double cycle, a high-quality urban business environment is conducive to promoting benign interaction between the government and the market main body and other stakeholders, to reducing the cost of government service and enterprise management, to better tapping the entrepreneurial enthusiasm of various market players, and ultimately promoting the high-quality development of the city. Therefore, we must continue to attach great importance to the market-oriented and internationalization and facilitation development of the urban business environment, shape and promote brand image of the modernization of Nanjing's urban governance.


Attracting human resources and enhancing human capital

In recent years, the outbreak and persistence of the "robbery war" have accelerated the gathering of talent resources to first-tier cities and provincial capitals. The essence of the war is to compete for high-quality human capital between cities. The people who are robbed are higher quality labor force of the city now and in the future. They are not only innovative entrepreneurs, but also taxpayers and consumers. They not only help to promote total factor productivity and benign development of the economy and society, but also optimize the urban population structure and alleviate the trend of aging development, which plays a vital role in the sustainable development of cities. It can be said that in order to explore the way of modernization in line with the characteristics of the times, Chinese and Nanjing features, the "introduction, education, use and retention" of talents are the most important issues. We must attach great importance to the innovation and implementation of urban talent policies, and do a good job in the introduction, cultivation and placement of talents.


Playing a leading role and driving global development

As the provincial capital city, Nanjing is an important place for the coordinated development of the region. It is necessary to carry out great responsibility of driving the development of the whole region of the province while promoting its own construction. We must strengthen provincial capital consciousness and strive to become the vanguard. It is critical not only to build Nanjing as the image of the whole province through excellent city brand construction, but also to improve urban primacy and provide a solid factor reserve for the development of the city, making Nanjing become Jiangsu Province high-quality development leader. At the same time, it is of vital importance to give full play to its dominated role as a central city, to play a part in regional coordinated development, to build a cluster network of urban development in coordination with cities in the province, and to achieve overall competitiveness through continuous improvement of its own cohesion, service and radiation. Thus making first contribution to the high-quality and sustainable development within the whole province.


(The author is vice dean, professor and doctoral supervisor of Business School of Nanjing Normal University)