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Academic Events

MBA Education Center in Our School Made Impressive Achievements in the 7th Session of the National 100 Excellent Management Cases

The seventh session of the National 100 Excellent Management Cases was sponsored by China national MBA education supervisory committee,and was organised by China Management Case Sharing Center. The review received 568 submissions from 105 colleges and universities throughout the country. MBA Education Center in our school compiled 7 management cases to participate in the review. Among these entries, The Tax-Management Innovation of AF Intelligent Transportation Company(written by Pan Zhen et al), The Tax Planning of MLD Mobile Games Company before Landing Three New Board(written by Gu Jianping et al) and The Confusion of Tax Risk Management and Control after GH Decoration Company Listed Three New Board (written by Li Jisheng et al) were rated as "National 100 Excellent Management Cases". In addition, The Exploration of Tax Planning in the Operation of PPP Project of RS Construction Group(written by Bian Yuetang et al) ,Organic Road of Jinquan Tea under the Food Safety Problem(written by Xu Fang et al) and other three management cases were chosen by Case Library of China Management Case Sharing Center. Our school got the Best Organization Award. The quantity of awards were ranked first in universities of Jiangsu Province, and the number of our school’s awards is tied with other three domestic famous universities for the fifth place. Meanwhile,the entrepreneurship program of MBA graduate student in our school,Leisure Ecological Agriculture Tourism, won the bronze medal in the National entrepreneurship competition for college students in 2016. 
With the help of Tax MBA center of Nanjing Normal University and the cultivation platform of MBA joint training base, School of Business has made abundant achievements in both the development of management case and case teaching method. Besides, School of Business has implemented some positive reforms and innovations in the teaching mode of MBA education. Since 2011, management cases in our school have been selected as "National 100 Excellent Management Cases" for six years .Up to now, 8 management cases have been selected as "National 100 Excellent Management Cases" , and 13 management cases have been chosen by Case Library of China Management Case Sharing Center.
In recent years, MBA education has been affirmed with strong support by school, and has achieved distinctive features in case teaching and constrution of joint training base. For example, our school as well as Nanjing Local Taxation Bureau and Changzhou Local Taxation Bureau established "MBA joint training base" jointly.

Currently, MBA education in our school has formed the "GRIT" educational philosophy in the process of teaching reform and innovation(G stands for Globalization, R stands for Responsibility, I stands for Innovation, T stands for Talent) and has established the brand development strategy of MBA education. In the process of MBA education, a series of educational teaching fulfillments have been achieved, such as industry-oriented innovation educational model, international educational teaching standards,complete teaching management mechanism,interdisciplinary teaching faculty, and three-dimensional educational resources. MBA Education Center has achieved great social repercussions, and the cultivation mode of Tax MBA that has won high affirmation and praise of State Administration of Taxation is initiative in China, which enhance the brand value and social reputation of MBA Education Center in our school effectively.