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Academic Events

Meeting the Nanjing Normal University, heart to the business College

Accompanied with a gentle breeze in Nanjing, with the ardent hope of parents, 239 freshmen of business school class of 2017 completed the admission procedure  successfully, so did the freshman orientation.

Planning as early as possible, meticulous preparation, warm welcome

To ensure the smooth development of the freshman orientation, School Leadership paid high attention to this and planned carefully. During the summer vacation, college enlist 70 volunteers from senior class to provide freshmen with point-to-point service and answer questions. Classes set up the wechat group so that students can make friends in advance.

College in the wechat public number opened up a new album, detailing about study, food, live, transport, for the students made a warm reminder. At the same time the college also for the 2017 all undergraduate and graduate students carefully prepared a memorial gift, so that new students feel the profound friendship.

Leadership care, careful service, smooth and successful

In the process of welcome, the dean, Mr. Pan, came to the scene, and in the company of deputy party secretary of the party committee Mr. Leng, the vice president, Mr. Bai, and the counselors, Mr. Sun, Mrs. Cheng and Mrs. Xu went to the new students dormitory to visit new students.

In the dormitory, the dean knew the family situation and the student registration in detail, asked whether they had problems with their checking in and their study in the days to come. Also, he brought the profound greetings from the whole staff and the students.

In the early morning of 31st August, the welcome of the students began. From the application of the identity card registration to the check-in, the staff led the new students to register in order. After the check-in, the students came to the Xingmin Building to get the campus cards and the souvenirs of coming to school. They also took photos with their parents in the building, which left precious memories of themselves in 2017.

At the reported scene of the postgraduate, the college also carried out an activity of ‘write a letter to their own three years from now’, which became the student's first chapter of studying in Nanjing Normal University.

True emotion, inculcation, pointing maze

At three o 'clock in the afternoon, the college has held its first meeting with parents of all students of the grade of 2017. At the parents' meeting, college's deputy secretary of the party committee, Mr. Leng, introduced the new model of personnel training named ‘GRIT’ and the tests and opportunities which college students may face. Secretary Len mentioned that ‘University is the starting point of career and is the watershed of life. When students enter the university, they should establish goals early, and they must have a reasonable academic development planning.’

After the end of parents’ meeting, the 2017 counselor, Mrs. Xu presided over the new students’ meeting. She arranged school-related matters, as well as various schedules during the military training. New students’ meeting deepened the understanding between teachers and students to help new students integrate into the university life more quickly. Some parents said’ We, at first, worried that our children can not fit in the school. But, after listening to the parents’ meeting, we feel that the Nanjing Normal University has a so rigorous, responsible and pure style of study that they are reassured that their children attend the business college in Nanjing Normal University. ‘

‘ To paint the beautiful youth with economics, and to sketch a wonderful life with management.’ School orientation work has ended, the Business Institute will be in the next year for undergraduate and graduate students in the series of education activities. To make students find pleasure in the next school life,and change this pleasure into a consistent action.