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Academic Events

NNU and Master Kong Holding Held the School-enterprise Cooperation Signing Ceremony

On July 3rd the signing ceremony was held in Shanghai and attended by leaders of both sides.

Su, the CEO of Mater Kong Holding, commented that bilateral cooperation was expected to promote the development of many aspects including construction of training base, scholarship programs and campus activity sponsorship, which, in a way, could achieve a win-win situation between both sides.

Li, the vice principal of NNU, pointed out that the signing ceremony served as a milestone of the collective communication and collaboration. He made a detailed introduction of our school history and on the basis of which he expressed the outlook for sustainable development of Master Kong Holding as well as competitiveness of the talents from NNU. He also applauded Master Kong’s effective work on food safety, nutrition and health and public culture. 

It is known to all that, as a far-famed corporate not only in China but also in other parts of the world, Master Kong Holding is dedicated to higher education and corporate innovation. By cooperating with Master Kong Holding our school is cultivating the capability of students in fields especially management. It sets a good example of school-enterprise cooperation and,  more important, enhances social economic development.