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Academic Events

One Heart Against the Epidemic•Establish Morality and Cultivate People to Undertake the Mission —— Business School Faculty Welcomed the 36th Teachers' Day

At noon on September 9, in order to further promote the good practice of respecting teachers and education, enrich the cultural life of business school faculty and create a warm atmosphere to celebrate the 36th Teachers' Day, the trade union of business school held a celebration of Teacher's Day and a contest on the knowledge of epidemic prevention. Party secretary Zhou Yan, vice president Li Jinsheng and Bai Junhong, deputy party secretary Lu Di were invited to the scene. The activity was presided over by Wang Liping, chairman and vice president of the union and more than 40 teachers participated on that very day.

To make preparations for this activity, the union organized and arranged the activity venue elaborately, sent holiday blessing and greetings to the teachers in time. After class at noon, cups of steaming espresso, plates of delicious fruit, boxes of sweet and soft waxy cakes were presented to the teachers. With a mouthful of coffee made by colleagues, fresh and delicious fruit and cakes, the teachers smiled and brushed away their physical and mental exhaustion. They sat around and talked freely about the development of school and college, and celebrated their own festival through this simple but grand ceremony.


During this activity, in order to further strengthen the publicity of the protection knowledge of COVID-19, enhance the protection awareness of business school faculty, and develop the protection and coping capacity of the staff in the new semester, and better achieve mass prevention and control, scientific prevention and control of the epidemic situation, the trade union of business school also organized the "Epidemic prevention online knowledge contest for returning to work and school in the new semester" activity, and more than 40 faculty members completed the online quiz conscientiously.

President Xi once pointed out that it is lucky for a person to meet a good teacher, it is the honor of a school to have a good teacher, it is the hope of a nation that a number of good teachers are constantly emerging. Since ancient times, the Chinese nation has a fine tradition of respecting teachers and attaching importance to teaching and learning. The trade union of business school will continue to carry out all kinds of activities to promote the whole staff not to forget original ideals and aspirations, to keep in mind the mission of cultivating talents, and to make new and greater contributions to the construction of a first-class business school in China.