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Academic Events

Party and Government Leaders from School of Finance and Economics of Jiangsu University Came to Our School for Research and Exchange

On September 17, Party Secretary Dai Yelin, Dean Wu Mengyun and other leaders and experts from School of Finance and Economics of Jiangsu University came to our school for research and exchange. Dean of Business School Pan Zhen, Party Secretary Zhou Yan, Vice Presidents Li Jinsheng, Bai Junhong and Wang Liping, Deputy Party Secretary Lu Di, and relevant leaders from Business Administration Department, Finance Department, Technology, Economics and Management Department, MBA Education Center attended the exchange forum.


On behalf of our school, Dean Pan Zhen extended a warm welcome to the leaders and experts from Jiangsu University, and introduced the development of our school in detail from historical evolution, discipline construction, talent training, scientific research, social services, international cooperation and other aspects. He expected to further strengthen the exchange and communication between our college and School of Finance and Economics of Jiangsu University in the future, and promote deep cooperation between the two sides in the fields of teaching and scientific research.  Secretary Zhou Yan shared relevant experience of the Party Committee of our school under the guidance of the "three, three and three" working method to promote the branch to strengthen learning and practice earnestly, to combine learning and doing profoundly, to achieve consistent resonance and coordinated development of branch work and business work, and to boost continuous development of the school's cause.


On behalf of School of Finance and Economics of Jiangsu University, Dean Wu Mengyun and Secretary Dai Yelin thanked our school for warm reception, and introduced the development of their school in recent years and the main purpose of this research. In addition, on issues of common concern to both sides, such as the application of doctorates, the construction of first-class specialties, the preparation of the 14th Five-Year Plan, the introduction of high-level teachers, the creation of iconic achievements and the improvement of school space and conditions, they carried out in-depth exchanges and discussions with the leading bodies and experts of our school.


The research and exchange forum set up a platform for cooperation and communication between the two colleges, enhanced friendship, helped both sides learn from each other, and promoted the high-quality development of the 14th Five-Year Plan for school running.