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Academic Events

Professor Chen Lili gave lecture about comparison of crowd funding between China and America ----The 10th Teacher Development Center Forum of Business School

Invited by business institute, professor Lili Chen from Lander University, USA, attended the 10th teachers development center forum, who brought us an excellent academic report with the theme of 'comparison of crowd funding between China and America-discussing the feasibility of co-publishing in international journals'. This report was hosted by teacher Jin Li from business institute several teachers from business institute attended this activity, along with the whole first-year graduate student from both Departments of economics and finance.

Chen Lili, Assistant Professor of Economics / Finance, Lander School of Business, USA. In the autumn of 2005s, she chose to go to United States for further study and follows the Nobel Prize in Economics nominated Professor Barnett, learning the Federal Reserve monetary policy and macroeconomic. She Received a Ph.D. in economics and a master's degree in finance in 2012 and passed the CFA (Chartered financial analyst) first exam in December of the same year. Then she engaged in an asset analyst in top 20 wealth management companies in North America .She has published several academic articles about the Federal Reserve monetary policy and the Chinese banking system articles in the United States academic journals.

Professor Chen is a 05th session graduate of business institute of Nanjing Normal University, majoring in Human Resource Management.She feels deeply pleased to be invited to return to her alma mater and communicate with teachers and students from the business institute. Professor Chen is a young lady with exquisite short hair and performs gently. Before the beginning of the forum,she has made audience present feel very cordial.

At the beginning of the event, Professor Chen Lili analyzed the feasibility of working with teachers in the business school to write articles and their respective cooperation advantages.She pointed out that as the first and second largest economies , China and the United States has a lot of room for cooperation in the field of research , and interdisciplinary cooperation can also provide a more unique perspective, easier to explore the research innovation.Then, she discussed that how to choose the topic.One way is to choose some novel themes, the other is based on the predecessors to do more rigorous and perfect research, she believes that the second method is the mainstream of the current study.Then, she began to give a formal explanation.Professor Chen pointed out that as a new model, crowd funding provided a broader financing channels for entrepreneurs and small companies to meet the needs of different investors and companies,at the same time ,it was of great significance in the promotion of optimal allocation of resources. And the study of the  crowd funding can not only provide investors and financing companies with professional guidance, but also provide recommendations for the government to regulate the operation of the mechanism.Then, she introduced the different models, and the analyzed about the sponsors, interest rates, the protection of investors in detail.

After the end of the report, Prof. Chen Lili held in-depth discussions and exchanges with the teachers and students . Professor Chen clearly organized, earnestly wonderful report, left a deep impression on the teachers and students .In our warm applause, this teacher development center forum achieved a complete success .


   Postgraduate Students Union of Business School

Reported by Liu Yuying

 Pictures from Sun Jinyun

 Edited by Sun Jinyun

 June 25, 2017