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Rethinking the Integration of Yangtze River Delta: From the Perspective of Domain Paradigm

On the morning of November 23, at the invitation of the Business School, Chen Xiaodong, a researcher from the Institute of Industrial Economics of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, was invited to the 51th Teacher Development Center Forum of The Business School of Nanjing Normal University. He brought a wonderful report entitled "Rethinking the Integration of The Yangtze River Delta: Perspective from the Paradigm of Domain View" to the teachers and students of the school. Zhang Jitong, a teacher from the business school, and graduate students attended the seminar.

Chen Xiaodong, PhD in Management, postdoctoral fellow in Applied Economics. He is currently a researcher of Institute of Industrial Economics of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, professor of Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, distinguished research fellow of National Institute for Competitiveness of Peking University, adjunct professor and doctoral supervisor of Zhengzhou University. He is also an evaluation expert recorded in the pool of experts of the Ministry of Science and Technology, China Association for Science and Technology, Ministry of Culture and other ministries; Member of the Expert Committee of the 60-member Forum for The Chinese School, member of the Expert Committee of the 50-member Forum for the Development of Northeast Asia, member of the Expert Advisory Committee of the 14th Five-year Plan of LiaoNing Province; Deputy Secretary General of China Regional Economic Association, Deputy Secretary General of China Regional Economic the 50-member Forum, etc. He has published several academic papers in Economic Daily (theoretical edition), China Industrial Economy, Economic Management, Economic Perspectives, Finance and Trade Economics, Reform and other journals. He has won many honors, such as Chinese Government Award for Publishing,Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Excellent Strategy Research Award and so on.


At the beginning of the meeting, Professor Chen Xiaodong started from the long history of China, saying that any history can be deduced and history has "logic". However, economists believe that the process of economic modernization can be "inferred". We should learn to explain the occurrence and process of economic modernization with simple underlying logic and rigorous reasoning process. In a word, economics needs to explain reality. Therefore, Professor Chen warned graduate students to consider the significance of the topic and real life when writing papers. The models in the paper should fit with social reality, and we should not make flashy papers.


Then, professor Chen mentioned that although economic theory emphasizes the rational function, and mainstream economics has formed the basic form of "microeconomics--macroeconomics”, but from a global perspective, only from macro and micro aspects can not explain the whole process of the reality of human development and the national economic modernization. Until today, the phenomenon of economic modernization is a concept of domain. Between the eastern coast and the central and western regions, the northern and southern regions, the urban and rural areas, and all kinds of regions have their own regional characteristics, which cannot be mentioned on the same day. The formation of enterprise domain view characteristics is determined by its efficiency and rationality, institutional environment and value culture, which is reflected in the controlling process of entrepreneurs based on their motivational tendency and vision.


Finally, as for how to coordinate the problem of broken Bridges in the integration of the Yangtze River Delta, Professor Chen believes that the first step is to realize the connectivity of infrastructure within the region, including the connectivity of factors, capital, talents and other aspects. Free flow of investment is also important. Secondly, we should establish a mutually beneficial and win-win system, which will combine government with effective market, and give play to the role of market as invisible hand and government as visible hand.

Professor Chen in this lecture with his erudite knowledge opened up a new perspective for us in looking at problems, and has carried on with all the teachers and students a deep communication and discussion, that increased the students understanding of the integration of Yangtze river delta and the understanding of the concept of domain model, also for future academic research have more inspiration, all the teachers and students have benefited a lot from, the lecture ended in the warm applause!