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Academic Events

Spatial Economics Framework and Regional Economics----The 32th session of Schumpeter Innovation Forum of the Business School

On the morning of October 9th, at the invitation of the Business School, Professor An Husen of Nankai University attended the 32th session of Schumpeter Innovation Forum. He brought a wonderful report entitled "Framework of Spatial Economics and Regional Economics" to the teachers and students of our college in the Xingmin Building 204. Professor Bai Junhong, associate dean of business school, presided over the presentation. Several teachers, masters and doctoral students of the school participated in the event.

Professor An Husen is the professor and doctoral supervisor of the School of Economics of Nankai University. He is also a distinguished professor of Northeast Normal University; the President of China Annual Conference of Space Economics, Vice President of National Economic geography Research Association, Vice President of China Regional Science Association, chief expert of key project of Marxist Theory Research and Construction Project of the Ministry of Education. He has presided over more than 20 national and provincial projects, such as the Key  project of The Marxist Theory and Construction Project of the Ministry of Education, the National Social Science Foundation of China, the National Natural Science Foundation of China, and the Humanities and Social Science Research Project of the Ministry of Education.

In this report, Professor An husen explained to us on the theme of "Spatial Economic Framework and Regional economics". First of all, he introduced the main branches of spatial economics, including regional economics, urban economics and transportation economics. Secondly, Professor An analyzed the forces leading to the inter-regional imbalance and explained to us the variation of inter-regional gap. Professor An further discussed the problems related to multi-region and explained the current general explanation of the inter-regional gap, since the focus under the two-region framework is completely focused on one region, but not always on one region under the multi-region framework. At last, Professor An emphasized the impact of transportation industry on the regional economy, which aroused our thinking and discussion.

After the report, Professor An husen enthusiastically answered the questions of the students and had an in-depth exchange and discussion with the students. Professor An's serious and rigorous attitude towards academic research has deeply infected everyone. In the warm applause, the Schumpeter Innovation Forum successfully concluded.