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Academic Events

Start my academic journey|The lecture on Academic Ethics and Academic Accomplishment was given successfully

In order to help 2020 new graduate students get off to a good start, the Business School launched the "Starting my Academic Journey" series of entrance education activities for new graduate students. On the morning of September 18, Professor Tao Shigui, Party branch secretary and doctoral supervisor of Finance of the Business School, gave a keynote lecture on scientific ethics and academic atmosphere education. All 2020 master and doctoral students attended the lecture.


In the lecture of "Academic Ethics and Academic Accomplishment", Teacher Tao Shigui first introduced the specific requirements of academic ethics to the students in detail from the perspective of academic norms and connotations of academic ethics. He emphasized that morality is capital to a certain extent, and hoped that students could pay more attention to academic ethics, seek truth from facts, thus put an end to academic misconduct, and accumulate their own academic ethics capital.


In the lecture, Teacher Tao once again explained the long-term harm of academic misconduct especially of plagiarism, forgery, falsifying, other aspects with a large number of cases. He emphasized that in academic activities, one should respect the research results of others, observe academic norms, ensure that research data are factual, complete and accurate, and bear corresponding academic and legal responsibilities for academic achievements.

In the end, Mr. Tao makes five suggestions on how to cultivate good academic accomplishment: take academic research as an interest; have an innovative mind and problem awareness; flexibly use methodology; pay attention to interdisciplinary areas; conduct systematic, follow-up researches and be a “thought leader”.


This lecture actively guided the 2020 new graduate students of the Business School to abide by academic norms, stick to academic integrity, improve academic personality, maintain academic dignity, abandon academic misconduct, and strive to become the practitioner of excellent academic ethics and the maintainer of good academic atmosphere. It is believed that students will do solid work and be realistic and pragmatic in the future academic road.


Text: Tao Mengmeng

                                                           Picture: Mou Ziqing