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Academic Events

Study in Ireland, with dreams

On March 15, 2017, University of Limerick held briefing sessions at Nanjing normal university business school. Before the start of the announcement, she played the school propaganda: youth smile, confident face, beautiful campus, comfortable environment, such as dormitory, attracted the attention of the students. She divided the announcement into three themes: "know Ireland", "Limerick University" and "Limerick town", and one by one to us.

First of all, she introduces the Irish for us .This is a friendly country. This is a religious country banned divorce, and you can harvest a romantic love in Ireland. In European Union countries, this is the only one who use English as the official language, and it has the highest GDP per capita, momentum of economic development, and many overseas enterprises choose Ireland as European headquarters.

Then she detailed introduces to us the Limerick university. There are about 14000 students in the school, 13.5% of them are international students, from 95 countries. Its world ranking is between 350-450, equivalent to China's Jilin University and Renmin University of China. The project is: to recognize Nanjing Normal University first three years of university, in the fourth year at the Limerick University, in the fifth year can apply to study for a master's degree. The high quality of teaching, the low cost of living, and high employment rate after graduating make the university become one of the most popular with the students. Currently there are about 1500 Irish domestic and international enterprises and companies provide about 2000 internship for school every year. Most of the practice is conducted in Ireland. 30% of the students have to go to other countries, including many European countries, America, South America, Japan and so on to complete their internship.

Finally, she told us about the Limerick, the small city and campus environment. Through the photo on the PPT, we see the longest rivers in the Irish, the most beautiful town; the unique entrance of Limerick university campus: flag entry, etc. Limerick university campus covers an area of more than 600 acres, is considered to be the most beautiful university of Ireland, university gathered more than 70 community, formed aset of teaching, research and cultural activities into a comprehensive university.